Del Mar Energy: Leading the Charge in Solar Energy Solutions

As the need for clean, sustainable energy grows, the relevance of solar panels continues to increase. Rising electricity tariffs and deteriorating environmental conditions worldwide have prompted a shift towards solar energy, making it a pivotal component of the global energy transition. At the forefront of solar panel production is Del Mar Energy, leveraging two types of modules to meet diverse energy needs.


For many years, Del Mar Energy has been at the forefront of green energy initiatives, promoting sustainability across all its endeavors. Producing various types of solar modules with different purposes and utilizing different technologies and materials, the company’s primary mission is to care for the future of our planet and advance energy extraction and distribution technologies.


Del Mar Energy’s solar panels are designed to function efficiently in any climate. Achieving this result is possible through a combination of panels with various technical specifications. The panels are primarily made using exceptionally durable tempered glass installed in a metal frame to reinforce the structure and prevent deformation. The advantages of our solar panels include a special anti-glare coating, allowing for increased efficiency, a wide temperature range from -50 to +70°C, effective operation in high humidity, cloudy, and rainy conditions, as well as resistance to impacts and other mechanical damage.

 Investment Analysis

Del Mar Energy utilizes PERC technology in the production of all solar panels, alongside its proprietary innovative developments. Currently, approximately 40% of all new solar panels are manufactured using PERC technology, and this figure is expected to reach 75% by 2025. The popularity of this technology stems from its minimal impact on the cost of the finished solar panel while significantly increasing its efficiency by approximately 1-1.5%. Panels based on PERC technology provide developers and designers with more freedom, especially in limited space conditions, as PERC panels have higher energy efficiency per square meter and perform well in low-light and high-temperature conditions.

An analysis of the direction shows that the profitability of this investment portfolio has not dropped below 220% of the final investment return since 2017. Del Mar Energy’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and efficiency positions it as a key player in the solar energy industry, driving forward the adoption of solar energy solutions worldwide. Through its dedication to advancing technology and protecting the environment, Del Mar Energy continues to lead the charge towards a cleaner, greener future.

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