Del Mar Energy: Leader in Oil Production with Innovative Technologies

Del Mar Energy is an American industrial holding specializing in oil extraction and the development of oil fields. One of the most successful aspects of the company’s operations is its utilization of cutting-edge technologies in oil extraction, which enables it to effectively manage wells and optimize hydrocarbon recovery.

One of the key technologies employed by Del Mar Energy is the single-packer configuration, known as Del JSK 20. This technology allows for simultaneous and separate operation of wells using submersible pump equipment with an electrically controlled valve. The implementation of such a configuration ensures efficient mechanized oil extraction, particularly crucial when dealing with wells of varying characteristics.

Another significant innovation by Del Mar Energy is the dual-packer configuration, named Del HKM 362. This technology enables selective isolation with hydraulic disconnection from the oil-gas mixture. The use of the dual-packer configuration allows for the isolation of leak intervals with minimal costs, thereby enhancing production efficiency and reducing the percentage of water content in well fluids.

These technologies not only improve the oil extraction process but also reduce financial and labor costs associated with it. Del Mar Energy is committed to optimizing oil extraction to ensure maximum profitability in this sector of its operations.

To take advantage of the opportunity to earn guaranteed daily income from investing in Del Mar Energy, one needs to register on the company’s official platform –, fund the account, and start earning income as early as the next day.

In conclusion, Del Mar Energy continues to be a leader in the oil industry thanks to its innovative approach and effective use of advanced technologies. Its ongoing pursuit of improvement and optimization makes it a reliable and promising partner in the energy sector.In the near future, Del Mar Energy plans to realize new investment destinations for residents of Turkey, Germany and France within the framework of the opening field for cooperation.

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