Dealer 789BET Leading reputable bookmaker in Vietnam

Dealer 789BET ranked among the top reputable bookmaker currently the best in Vietnam, accompanying two other famous bookmakers, M88 and W88. What does this house have that makes them able to attract so many players and receive such enthusiastic support? Let’s  789BET Learn more about the name 789BET in this article to understand better.

Introducing the house 789BET

Betting house 789BET is a name that is no longer strange to the player community online betting games, let’s learn about the origin of its formation 789BET Go through the section below.

Origin of

789BET Link Mới was formed in June 2008, it has been more than 12 years now.

 789BET has extremely creative and stable development strategies, thanks to that betting house 789BET is supported by many members of the online betting community.

Thanks to intelligent calculated steps 789BET has elevated itself to the Top 3 prestigious bookmakers, leading Asia and in the top 10 favorite bookmakers in Europe.

famous for bringing players treasure game Casino class with more than 100 different game titles, 789BET always aiming for transparency and health in every playground.

Bookie’s partner 789BET

Betting house 789BET has a famous partner system and a reputable brand thanks to large financial resources. It’s thanks to the extremely powerful optimization system 789BET more widely advertised.

Below is a list of our major partners 789BET:

  • Tottenham Hotspur Club
  • Burnley Club.
  • Newcastle United FC
  • Former Liverpool FC player Robbie Fowler
  • NBA basketball legend Steve Nash
  • Basketball legend who won the All-Star MVP title four times – Kobe Bryant

In addition to the names mentioned above, 789BET also participates and is a sponsor for many racing tournaments such as GT Asia Championship, mixed martial arts tournament GOOD, prize GT Asia Championship and solve One Championship.

Huge game store of the house 789BET

Huge game store and professional investment are points not to be missed  789BET. Let’s find out which card games are currently very popular at  789BET in the section below.

Online Casino

Casino Online Casino in 789BET Highly appreciated for service quality. 789BET There are 5 main play halls and series Card game Attractive for enthusiasts online betting.

5 online casino card game halls not to be missed in our online casino game system  789BET that is:

  • 789BET Palace
  • Royal Palace
  • Happy Place
  • I like it
  • Royal Palace

In addition to the 5 main play halls, 789BET There is also a diverse treasure trove of entertaining games, attracting players with nearly 800 different game titles, each game has a unique color.

When participating in the game system of  789BET You will definitely find your favorite game.

Esports betting (Electronic sports)

When talking about these Esports games we often think about Bookmaker JBO, But actually 789BET is not inferior to JBO in this field of e-sports games.

Interface of video games at 789BET Vividly designed and very attractive to players, with diverse games such as: Rainbow6, Dota 2, League of Legends,…

Online lottery

Thanks to its unique features, attractive promotions are reserved for players in our online Lottery playground  789BET This house has attracted a large number of people participating in online lottery betting.

So what are the unique and outstanding characteristics of 789BET What is that?

  • Compared to real bookies, 789BET has a reward rate much higher than 10%
  • There is no time limit for betting, players can participate at any time.
  • Ensuring fairness for players, 789BET Get the lottery results of 3 major stations in Vietnam, players do not need to worry about the problem of result fraud.

Sports betting

Besides online casinos and bookmakers  789BET Focusing on developing the main sports betting game system and being very successful in this segment.

Currently 789BET There are 4 main game halls for players to choose from:

  • IBC play lounge
  • IM lobby
  • CDM play lounge
  • Play hall 789BET

Each lobby has its own advantages and characteristics, so players have more options when looking for a sports betting game.

See: Casino 789BET

Why should you play at 789BET

For new players or familiar players  789BET, all have reasons for their choice 789BET is a place to stop and find satisfaction with betting games.

Why should you play betting games at 789BET?

 789BET beautiful interface

Unlike most other bookmakers, 789BET Design your interface with elegant and moderate colors, without causing confusion for players.

Main interface of 789BET Designed with the main blue tone combined with a very gentle white.

The layout and content on the website are arranged in an easy-to-understand manner, and the advertising banners are also designed to be as close to the players as possible, without causing dizziness.

Good odds, ensuring transparency

 789BET is the bookmaker that is considered to have the best odds, besides 789BET Always ensure transparent odds, helping players bet more accurate and bring victory.

Types of bets 789BET Current offer is: Over/Under Betting, Asian Handicap, European Handicap with 5 odds: American, Indo, Decimal, Hong Kong and Malay.

Fast access speed

 789BET has a team of experts in integrating the latest and most modern technologies into the Server system.

This main reason is the game’s system 789BET always operates smoothly, players rarely encounter crashes or lag.

Game access speed at 789BET Also extremely stable and fast, you won’t waste time waiting for anything when playing games here.

Attractive promotions

Promotion of betting house 789BET The benefits for players are countless, thanks to the diverse promotions 789BET very popular with players.

Promotion of 789BET Covers all games such as: Sport, Lottery, Casino, electronic sports.

Besides, these  789BET Promotion equally attractive 789BET Where are you?

There are also many attractive promotions for members such as:

  • Receive 88k bonus when successfully registering an account.
  • When depositing money into the online Casino, players will receive bonuses from 30 to 100%.
  • When depositing money to bet Sport Players will receive bonuses from 100 to 200%

Besides 789BET also offers year-round promotions for players such as:

  • Cash back up to 2% at Sports games.
  • Get 30% bonus at Sports IM.
  • 35% reload bonus at IM Sports

Professional customer care

Customer care service of  789BET always makes players absolutely satisfied.

Diverse player support channels such as: Chatbox, hotline, Email,… players can contact the house at any time and will receive support.

In addition to supporting customers with questions, in order to succeed and grow as strong as today, 789BET always listen and acknowledge all customer contributions to modify and bring an even better experience to players.

Fast, simple transactions

Every transaction at the house 789BET calculated in minutes, this means that transaction time here takes place very quickly, saving players a lot of time.

 789BET It also allows players to withdraw bonuses to their bank accounts at any time, without any time limit.

 789BET support withdraw money at large banks in Vietnam such as: ACB, Dong A Bank, Techcombank, Bidv, Sacombank.

Instructions for creating a new account at 789BET

To enjoy the huge game store and quality of service that any player wants to experience at 789BET, the first thing you need to do is create a new player account.

Register an account at the house 789BET

How to create an account for new members of 789BET Very simple, please follow the instructions below.

Visit the official website of  789BET, at the main interface of the website, click on the “Join now” box with a very prominent green color in the upper right corner of the screen.

Fill in the required information accurately in the boxes “Username”, “Password”, “Phone number”, “Email”.

Once you have filled in all the information, click on the “Register now” box, the account will be created successfully if your information is confirmed to be valid.

Log in and get rewarded

To log in dealer 789BET, you enter your username and password in the login field to access to receive rewards.

Bonuses for new accounts 789BET is 88k after verifying the account.

Detailed instructions for depositing and withdrawing money at the house 789BET

To make deposits and withdrawals at the House 789BET safely, 789BET Requires players to clearly understand the following trading conditions:

  • To withdraw bonuses to a bank account, players must have an official bank account.
  • The amount you want to withdraw is less than the balance in your account.
  • To receive the promotion, players need to participate in the number of betting rounds required by the house.
  • Use the correct information, you need to match your first and last name between your registered playing account and your bank account.

How to deposit money into your account at 789BET

To deposit money into your game account, log in to your account at 789BET , then select the green “Deposit” box in the upper right.

Continue to select the “Deposit money” box and then select “Local bank”.

Here you choose the bank you want to deposit money into, then transfer money to this account number in 3 ways: transfer money at the ATM, at the bank’s transaction counter or via Internet banking.

After the transfer step, you fill in the information to confirm the money transfer on the house’s interface, complete by selecting the “Transfer” box.

Instructions for withdrawing money at 789BET

Withdrawing bonuses to your bank account is also very simple, you just need to follow these 3 steps:

Select the “Withdraw money” box at the top of the screen interface.

Then fill in all the information in the “Withdraw money” dialog box, be sure to fill in your full name and the amount you want to withdraw.

After filling in the correct information, click “Submit” and wait for the withdrawal transaction to be processed.

Usually this process only takes less than 20 minutes, quite convenient and quick.

Dealer 789BET – Perfect choice

In short, for not only new players but also old players, the house 789BET Truly a place that can provide a great experience with online betting games, from service quality to customer care, all worthy of a bookmaker ranked in the Top 3. reputable bookmaker in the Asia region.

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