Custom Anodizing Paintball Guns Unique Color Combinations

Custom Anodizing Paintball Guns | Unique Color Combinations

Are you considering painting your paintball pistol a different color?

Maybe you’d like a completely unique design?

If that’s the case, you’ll have to pick whether you want your paintball gun polished, hydro-dipped, powder-coated, spray-painted, or vinyl wrapped. For paintball guns constructed of aluminum, anodizing is usually the best option, although hydro dipping can also be a good alternative, particularly if you really want a specific picture or pattern on your marker.

Anodizing, from the other hand, is best suitable for gamers who want to alter the tone of their paintball marker but don’t want a complex pattern or design (such as camouflage).

Anodizing is also an excellent choice for players who would like their marker’s camouflaged to be extremely durable and nearly impervious to flaws. At the very least, flaws that are frequent in painted metal.

The fact that anodizing does not include any paint is one of the reasons why aluminum is extremely robust. Anodizing, on the other hand, is the process of converting metal (mostly aluminum) into a rough surface, allowing dye to soak into that surface, and then heating the metal in water to close the porosity and completely confine the dye inside.

This makes the metal very corrosion resistant and assures that the paint does not crack, peel, or fade like regular paint. Continue reading to discover more about the anodizing procedure for paintball guns. This post will teach you all you can do to know about the subject.

What is anodizing?

What precisely is anodizing if it isn’t paint?

Anodizing is itself an electrical process that turns the outer layer of aluminium as well as other metals into a corrosion-resistant and very durable finish. This anodized finish comes in a variety of colors and designs, including splashes, sponges, fades, and metallic effects.

Unfortunately, anodizing does not allow you to modify the real finish of metal. If a piece of steel has a glossy or dusty finish before it is anodized, it will retain that luster finish after anodizing.

Anodizing is a procedure that is used to change the color of metal alloys including aluminum, mg, and titanium. It does, however, perform considerably better on metal than it does on titanium or magnesium.

Because many paintball weapons are constructed of aluminum, this is advantageous. It’s the ideal material for making paintball guns because it’s light and robust.

You’ve probably seen anodized aluminum if you’ve ever used an Apple gadget (such as an iPod, iPhone, or iPad).

Should paintball gun be anodized?

Anodizing is usually a good option if you want to modify the colors of your paintball marker. However, this is only true if your marker is built of aluminum.

If it’s constructed of anything else, you’ll have to come up with another means to modify the appearance of your paintball weapon.

Fair warning: anodizing a gun isn’t cheap, but if you care about the look of your marker, you’ll have to invest some cash. Even if you elect to hydro dip your paintball gun, it will still set you back a few hundred dollars, maybe even more.

The benefits and drawbacks of anodizing an aluminum paintball gun are listed below.


Exceptionally corrosion-resistant

It is scratch-resistant, chip-resistant, and peel-resistant.

A wide range of gloss and color options are available.

It’s simple to clean with water and mild soap.

Unless stored in direct sunlight for 5+ years, it is unlikely to fade.


Expensive, costing hundreds of dollars.

Only good for aluminum.

The color white is not permitted.

You’ll have to wait weeks for your marker to be coated and returned.

How Much Does Anodizing Paintball Cost?

This depends on how many pieces you want anodised, how many different colors you want your gun anodized, and whether or not you want any form of particular design.

Anodizing a paintball gun for a medium paintball gun will cost between $150 and $500, plus an extra $50 to $100 if they have to remove and cleanse it for you. A single-color artwork should cost between $150 and $300, a multi-color design between $300 and $500, and a bespoke design like a splash, sponge, or fading effect between $300 and $800.

It all depends on the provider you pick and how successfully they do their job.

You may always save money on paintball anodizing by cleaning and dismantling the marker yourself. However, if your paintball pistol has any insignia, I recommend leaving them alone because they might be tough to remove. Most anodizing firms will be able to remove them for you using specific instruments.

Anodized Paintball Gun Design Options

When it comes to anodizing a paintball gun, you have a lot of unique design possibilities. Fades, spongy, splash, sponge with splattering, acid rinse, acid wash with splattering, and galaxy are the most common design possibilities (or nebula).

Is Anodizing Harmful to Your Paintball Gun?

If you choose a shoddy anodizing service, your paintball gun might be destroyed if they don’t know what they’re doing.

So, what is the source of the harm?

It’s the removal of the previous layer of anodized surface, not the anodizing process, that causes harm to paintball guns, believe it or not. Even while the anodizing treatment only removes a fraction of a millimeter at a time, if you keep the metal in the liquid for longer than necessary, it can remove significantly more.

This is why you should use a professional anodizing agency with paintball gun knowledge rather than a random local shop that has never seen any paintball product before.

I phoned a professional anodizing firm to find out the solution to this query. And not just any professional anodizing business, but one that has worked with paintball guns before.

This is what they would have to say about it.

“Have we ever anodized a paintball marker and had it still work?” 5 to 6 times! There was a Luxe with set bolts that will undoubtedly leak. After about 5-6 Anno jobs, you’ll see some metal shrinking. Paintball guns without set screws, such as the PE [Planet Eclipse], can be Anno’d more, but we can also cover magnets and set screw gaps to help avoid complications we’ve experienced in the past.”

So, that’s all for anodizing. If you want to know more about paintball, please visit, we have everything you need about the sport. Cheers!

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