Read on to know one of the prime reasons why Asian Law College, which is one of the best private law colleges in Delhi, should be considered for pursuing legal education.

Collaboration For Purpose: A Perfect Blend of Academics and Fun at the Faculty of Law, University of Cape Town, South Africa

Due to ever increasing  demand for legal education among young students, the last 20 years have significantly impacted legal education in India.

Corporate law firms’ high demand for law graduates and an extremely high supply have significantly changed the legal education landscape.

Getting into a law school is not the end of your quest for a lucrative job at a law firm. For students pursuing employment in the corporate legal sector, choosing the courses, extracurricular activities, Research and publications , quality internships etc all put together would make them desirable candidates for recruitment by the prospective corporate employers.

Located in Noida, Asian Law College(ALC) is one of the top law colleges that offers a perfect international exposure which is a blend of learning, fun, and local sightseeing.

ALC offers an eight-day residential, educational trip to University of Cape Town, South Africa, in addition to  its law programmes, to the students who opt for Certification in International law and Legal Framework. It is a lifetime & exceptional experience for law students to gain international exposure at faculty of law, University of Capetown, South Africa.

Let’s look at what this educational trip offers and how it can benefit the students in knowing the practical aspects of international laws.

 A Collaboration that Offers a Global Legal Education Experience

The Asian Law College under its academic collaboration  with the Faculty of Law,of the prestigious University of Cape Town, South Africa offers international exposure to the students who opt for the same.

This collaboration ensures that students get the correct exposure, gain knowledge, and learn new skills to excel in the area of international law and legal framework.

An educational tour exposes students to new perspectives and informal situations that energize, excite, and energize them. It is fun and exciting to travel with classmates and friends from one country to another.

 The UCT-FOL Workshop

ALC students who choose  to study B.A. LL.B. or LL.B. with international certification  are given a unique opportunity to attend an exclusive workshop at the Faculty of Law, University of Cape Town, South Africa  that focuses on diversified aspects of International legal issues. During this workshop, students will get practical exposure on the modules of international law.

Due to  continuous growth and expansion in India’s global network, the importance of legal education with international exposure, will give an upper edge in terms of making a  career in the international arena .

Acquired advantages through this workshop:

  •     More knowledge about practical usage and application of International law
  •     A broader understanding of the subject
  •     More job opportunities and internships
  •     Knowledge of International relationships
  •     Better insights about international peace and security

This gives an added edge to the students looking forward to making a career in International Law.

Much needed exposure for the students!

 Students with the right international exposure become more bold and open-minded and broaden their horizons.

Similarly, this workshop allows students to have a fresh perspective about international law practice in person, and they get an opportunity to gain knowledge about new situations but in an informal environment.

Global exposure includes:

  •     Practical Exposure in international law
  •     UCT Campus, Cape Town, offers a specially designed international workshop
  •     Orientation Programme on UCT campus life
  •     Opportunity for students to have a global exposure with international law faculty and students
  •     International Certification after the workshop

 So, if you are interested in building a career in the field of law and want to explore the world to gain insights into international law, then ALC is the right place for you as it is one of the best law colleges in Delhi, NCR, that provides an exclusive international exposure to the students.

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