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Despite strict legal restrictions in relation to offline casinos, interest in gambling in Russia and the CIS countries has not disappeared anywhere. It is safe to say that the introduced bans have had a beneficial effect on the development of online casinos. Just like offline, online casinos can be classified as a highly profitable business. At the same time, there is one fundamental difference between them: unlike their offline “brothers”, the owners of online casinos willingly share their profits. And they share it with webmasters who bring players to online casinos through a Parimatch affiliate program.

  • Online casino affiliate programs are suitable for both experienced webmasters and beginners. Using various promotional materials (and in this niche, affiliate owners are especially generous with promotions), you can attract players, receiving a considerable percentage of each deposit they make or the amount they lose. In general, there are 4 models by which such affiliate programs work with webmasters.
  • There are two options for traffic monetization: through CPA networks (aggregators where hundreds of offers from different advertisers are collected) and directly from the casino. Each of these types has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is necessary to make a choice based on the personal preferences of the user.
  • What to choose? If you expect to build a long-term relationship, then a casino affiliate program from a direct advertiser will be better: working on RevShare, you can earn on players for years, and on CPA you will get more favorable conditions at a distance.
  • If you are engaged in traffic arbitrage, you have a small volume, and you need to turn over money as quickly as possible, then it is better to start working on CPA with aggregators – there are more loyal conditions for beginners, and the manager will be able to reduce the options for tests.
  • It is worth noting that in any case, all major webmasters and arbitration teams, having tested the offer in aggregators, go looking for a direct advertiser in order to get the most flexible conditions and negotiate cooperation personally.

The best format for working with a casino affiliate program

Revshare (RevShare or Revenue Share) is a model by which the casino shares its net profit with the webmaster. Without going into details, let’s explain with an example: you attracted a player to the casino who spent $1,000. The net profit of the casino was $950. Of these, you get 70% – $665. The player deposited and lost another $200 – you again received your percentage of the profit. And so on until the client stops playing in this casino. Avid players can play in the casino for years, forming a stable source of income for the webmaster.

It is worth noting that the RevShare calculation formula may differ in different casinos and include different expense items (for example, deposit bonuses).

CPA is payment for action, in this case, for making the first deposit. The client you referred deposited money – the casino partner paid you, conditionally, $50. Once. You won’t be charged for any other deposits. The advantage of this model is the rapid turnover of funds.

Here, the advertiser takes on the risks, paying you an amount that is clearly larger than the first deposit, so when working on CPA, be prepared to evaluate traffic and comply with KPIs.

CPL model – payment for the registration of a new player. This format of work is similar to CPA, only it is focused on a simpler action, respectively, and the payout is lower.

As a rule, CPL is convenient for testing offers by affiliates – on a small volume, you can superficially evaluate conversion rates. But here the advertiser also closely monitors the quality of traffic, and if it does not pay off, then cooperation with you will be suspended, or they will be offered to switch to RevShare.

Hybrid format (Hybrid) – you get a small payout (conditionally, $15-20 on the offer, where the CPA is $50) for the first deposit, as well as RevShare 20% + – (on the offer, where the base rate is 40%).

Regarding “profitable” – it all depends on the quality of your traffic and financial capabilities (turnover). Typically, the choice of format comes down to the origin of the traffic:

if this is free traffic (website, community, streams, channel, etc.), then it is better to choose RevShare. So you can receive your income for months, or even years, which, with good quality, will be significantly higher than the CPA rate;

if this is purchased traffic (teaser networks, facebook, Google Ads, push traffic), then decide CPA, because Usually traffic will pay off for you in 3-6 months (very much depends on the type of traffic). And when scaling and buying more and more traffic, the turnover of funds should be constant and as fast as possible.

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