Can you expect a Salary Hike only with Training and Placement? Find out here!

We can all agree that a salary hike with training and placement is one of the best motivating factors at the start of your career journey. However, you still need the right place to start. Where can that be?

The Indian job market has an answer for you. The latest TeamLease Jobs and Salaries Primer Report has surveyed the average salary hike increment in India is the highest for Sales Executive Roles; 9.82% growth.

So, why is Sales Leading the Job Market?

In the face of today’s digitisation and IT breakthroughs, the e-commerce industry is expanding to newer avenues such as digital marketing and online sales. As a result, these job roles offer the most lucrative salary hike after placement and training.

Here is where we become honest with ourselves; your salary hike will never come until you decide to invest in yourself from scratch.

If you are careful in your first step, selecting the right career guidance, you’ll be able to transform yourself into a valuable sales asset even without experience!

Discussions concerning your first paycheck and a salary hike are not just limited to people already with a job or prior experience. There is a chance to get a guaranteed promise of a salary hike with training and placement as a fresher in just four months!

What’s the secret? Expertrons say there is no secret. There is only determination and training.

Expertrons turns your Hard Work into your ‘Dream Job’!

Fulfilling over 3.5L+ aspirant promises, Expertrons promises your hard work with a 100% guaranteed job in Edtech Sales. Your extensive training from Expertrons will lead to your offer letter on Day 1 of training!

Paving the way to earn 4.6 LPA in Edtech Sales sounds impossible?

Embark on the Salary Journey with Expertrons PULSE and India’s Leading Company, CollegeDekho!

CollegeDekho encourages students like you to lead the world in Sales. So, it joined hands with Expertrons, where 6000+ industry experts will help you understand the lucrative Edtech Sales industry!

You will gain 5x Industry knowledge working on Capstone Projects and develop the “ideal candidate” profile with CollegeDekho!

Expertrons count their success when aspirants decide to invest in themselves by trusting their program. CollegeDekho needs that trust and that mindset from you so that it can transform your effort into your first paycheck.

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When you choose the right place to train, your chances of a salary hike increase 2x even as a fresher! However, if you’re just starting, you might wonder, “How to ask for a salary hike in Edtech Sales?”

As a sales manager, your value as an asset in the job market is 2x more than other functioning industry roles. So, to negotiate your salary hike in Edtech Sales, you must learn the following:

  • Market Research: How much salary hike to expect when changing jobs in your domain.
  • Market Value: Which market job roles bring the most value.

Regardless of its demand, the competition in the Edtech Sales field is relatively high. So, CollegeDekho has undertaken the duty to build relevant domain-specific skills and increase your chances of a 2x salary hike!

Unsure about your skills in Edtech Sales? Unlock your Hidden Talent today!

If you are still unsure about pursuing a job in sales, there is always a plan B. The best way to initiate that plan is to evaluate your skills through a self-assessment.

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Key Takeaway

Remember, a good salary hike with placement and training in Edtech Sales comes only to those who excel. So, invest in yourself to master your skills with CollegeDekho and embark on your path to a 2x salary hike!

Your salary hike in Sales is one click away! Get your career journey ticket with Expertrons PULSE now!

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