Business industries to invest this year

Business industries to invest this year

In this post, we will go through the most interesting business sectors that you should invest in 2022.

CBD industry in Canada

Canada made CBD legal and now it’s available even from the online stores. You can buy edibles, master kush, mushrooms, etc. from the websites that are delivering high-quality products. The industry is growing like never before. Experts believe that growth in Canada and North America in general, would change the mind of EU authorities. The sector will grow not only in North America, but also in a whole world.

Mini gluten free bread bakery

Gluten-free bread and other products are one of the fastest growing categories in the bakery industry today. So, in 2020, the market for gluten-free products has already reached $6.2 billion. Increases by 7% annually. Therefore, the production of gluten-free bread is a great need in our country. To organize your business, you need equipment: a gas or electric stove, bread molds, dough mixers, baking sheets and other kitchen utensils. For a mini-factory, it will be enough to buy a dough mixer for 16 liters. You can sell products through health food stores, supermarkets, online health food stores. The profit from one loaf of bread will be 100%.

Massage bath mats

Now a lot of people are obsessed with their health and are trying to follow the principles of a healthy lifestyle in everything. Therefore, massage bath mats will come in handy. A person will step on natural pebbles in the morning and evening. While brushing her teeth, she takes a shower, she washes her face. Pebbles carry a lot of useful energy, which will have a beneficial effect on the whole body. You can start with an investment of 15 dollars. Making one rug will not take you much time. After gluing the pebbles, you need the glue to dry well. You can sell such goods to your acquaintances and friends for 20 dollars. depending on the size of the mat. Many will buy them for their children, elderly parents and for themselves! It will also be useful to launch ads on Instagram by targeting a female target audience.

VR karting

A completely new idea that has no competition yet. The essence of the idea is to combine conventional karting with virtual reality. The cost of such a VR go-kart car on a Chinese site starts at $10,000. You can buy 1 such car, rent a room, equip it and run a bright advertisement. It is better to give advertising online and offline – distribute booklets, make announcements, as well as create an account on Instagram and post photos of karting participants there In general, it will take from 13 thousand dollars to organize a business, but the idea is promising and will pay off in a year and a half.

Making detox juices

Various detox programs for weight loss are very popular now. All of these programs recommend daily detox juices without sugar or preservatives. Juices can replace a full snack. Widely used during fasting days. In general, the demand for products is high. You can start production in a small room, a standard kitchen will suffice. The purchase of equipment and fruit will take 15 hundred dollars. Fruits are needed only of high quality. You will find those at wholesale bases and there you can get a good discount with constant cooperation. Initially, you can do all the work yourself. Squeeze, pack and deliver the finished product to stores. For advertising, use a website or landing page where you place several types of juice with beautiful photos and descriptions. Cooperation with fitness centers, beauty salons, and nutrition stores is also suitable.

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