Business ideas are worth investing in 2022

These simple business ideas are worth investing in 2022. Let’s go straight to the ideas. 

Streaming on Twitch

In 2022, people want to consume more live content. That’s why you should focus on Twitch. Start with a strategy – buy Twitch channel views, get better equipment and get started with the content plan. 

Tailoring of night curtains

Many people suffer from insomnia and cannot fall asleep even with the slightest light from the street lamp. You can start a business sewing curtains from a special dense material that does not let in light and noise. Curtains are in great demand among the elderly, businessmen and people who are under constant stress.


The idea is not new, but relevant, especially in times of crisis. Many people are now actively developing their online business from home and they are constantly in need of copywriters. To be honest, good copywriters are not so easy to find, so if you are well versed in a topic and able to learn quickly, welcome to the online business. 


If you have some kind of passion, hobby or hobby, you can earn money on it without leaving your home. You can start your blog on any topic: dancing, archery, cooking, coffee, smoothies, travel, child development, business, whatever. Create your own YouTube channel, website or group in social networks and write interesting reviews, shoot videos, take photos.

Growing rare houseplants

This is another home business idea for amateur gardeners! People in our country love different overseas plants, beautiful flowers, domestic trees and palm trees. Well, you can combine your favorite hobby and business. You can grow plants right in the apartment, and in the summer – on the balcony. At first, 1 room will be enough.

Youtube channel

I have said many times that blogging on YouTube is a profitable and interesting activity. At the same time, it is also promising for the next few years. The topic of the channel can be anything – fashion, cooking, drinks, coffee, gardening, dancing, business, children, phones and appliances, cars, etc. 

Occupy your favorite niche, make cool videos, master video editing and get paid for it. The first profit can be made when you reach 1000 subscribers on the channel. But it will be small money, so if you want to do this, then tune in to a long successful job!

Production of home semi-finished products


The modern pace of life has taught us to eat in cafes and restaurants and constantly eat fast food. Many people miss delicious homemade food. And of course, fewer and fewer people, especially young people, are making homemade dumplings and cabbage rolls. Some don’t even know how to do it. 

Shop semi-finished products leave much to be desired. Therefore, you can set up the production of delicious juicy semi-finished products at home! Dumplings, manti, cabbage rolls, cutlets made from real fresh meat and juicy minced meat will bring you many customers, but you will be rewarded with a profit of up to 300%.

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