APT Medical’s Introducer Sheath: Streamlining Interventional Procedures

APT Medical, a leading manufacturer in the medical device industry, offers a groundbreaking solution with their innovative Introducer Sheath——Braidin™ Hemostasis Introducer. This article explores the benefits and features of APT Medical’s Braidin™ Hemostasis Introducer.

Unveiling the Power of Design

The Braidin™ Hemostasis Introducer boasts a meticulously crafted braided metal mesh structure that sets it apart from conventional introducers. This design marvel offers multiple advantages, including enhanced kink resistance, smaller outer diameter and larger inner lumen.

Enhanced Patient Comfort with Thinner Wall and Smaller Outer Diameter Design

The Braidin™ Hemostasis Introducer’s thin wall design not only reduces the outer diameter of the sheath but also minimizes patient discomfort and pain during procedures. This thoughtful feature ensures a more comfortable experience for patients, contributing to their overall satisfaction and well-being.

Expanding Accessibility with CTO Approachability via Radial and Distal Radial Artery

One of the standout features of APT Medical’s Introducer Sheath is its superior braided structure to make chronic total occlusion (CTO) approachable via both radial and distal radial artery access, which significantly reduces complication rates compared to the traditional transfemoral approach and improved patient experience and safety.

Seamless Insertion and Reduced Complications

The Braidin™ Hemostasis Introducer’s smooth tapered transition between the sheath and dilator, dilator and guidewire reduces puncture resistance, resulting in smoother and easier insertions. Additionally, the distal hydrophilic coating enhances the overall smoothness, minimizing the risk of complications and improving the efficiency of the procedure.

Wide Range of Sizes and Specifications

APT Medical’s Introducer Sheath offers healthcare professionals a comprehensive range of options with over eighty-eight sizes from 4F-24F, as well as variable sheath lengths ranging from 7cm to 25cm. This extensive selection ensures that clinicians can find the perfect fit for their specific procedural requirements.


APT Medical’s Introducer Sheath, particularly the Braidin™ Hemostasis Introducer, has emerged as a pioneer in interventional procedures. With its metal mesh braided structure, smaller outer diameter, and comprehensive range of sizes, this innovative sheath streamlines procedures. Medical professionals can trust APT Medical’s Introducer Sheath to optimize their interventional practices

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