An Overview Of Fibre Leased Line Connection 

An Overview Of Fibre Leased Line Connection 

If you are looking to get information about the high-speed connectivity solution. This guide can provide you with information that can help you in understanding a popular connection known as a leased line. With the increasing use of technology, the reliance of businesses on the internet is also increasing. Therefore, you will need a high speed and uncontended connection to run your business smoothly and improve its performance. A dedicated internet connection can fulfil all your business connectivity requirements. Read on to find more about a dedicated internet connection.

What Is A Leased Line?  

A fibre leased line connection is an uncontended and fixed bandwidth connection providing data-hungry businesses with a high speed, reliable internet connection. You can get synchronous upload and download speeds, resilience and guaranteed uptime. Leased means you will get a connection on rent directly from your internet service provider to your business. As a result, you can have a connection that is above and beyond the traditional broadband connection. 

Following are some characteristics of dedicated internet lines that make them different from other connections:


By definition, leased lines are uncontended, which means you do not need to share them with anyone else.


You can get symmetrical speeds-meaning the upload, and download speeds are the same. 

Point to point 

They connect two points together, such as your business to the internet service provider (ISP).

You should consider things like the price, speed, and coverage. After that, you can start looking for providers that offer these features and compare them to find the best wifi deals uk for you.

How Does A Dedicated Internet Line work?

A dedicated internet connection works by using the same technology as a fibre broadband connection. It transmits data by sending light pulses down through a fibre optic cable. The equipment looks for the light signal whenever you want to send data through a fibre optic cable. This light signal represents 1s and 0s of digital data. The equipment at one end turns the light on and off, and the equipment at the other end recognises the digital data record and stores it back as binary 1s and 0s. 

This data travels with the speed of light, and the speed usually depends on how quickly the equipment on each end recognises light. This connection is dedicated to your firm and not shared with thousands of other users like a business broadband connection.  

Types Of Leased Line

There are different types of dedicated internet lines. You should know each of them to choose the right one for your business. 

Fibre Ethernet 

It is also known as Ethernet Access direct or full-fibre connection. It runs over 100% fibre optic cables from your business premises to ISP. You can get a speed of up to 1Gbps. It is the most reliable, ultrafast connection and of course the most expensive.  

Ethernet First Mile      

This type of dedicated internet line uses copper wires to deliver the connection to the local exchange and then a fibre optic cable from the exchange to your business; it is a perfect solution for businesses that do not have a local fibre cabinet. This type of connection uses aggregate copper wire pairs to provide resilience. It is a cost-effective solution and ideal for small businesses. 


Ethernet over Fibre To The Cabinet or EoFTTC is a connection for companies who have access to the local fibre cabinet. It uses a mixture of copper and fibre, and thus the speed of connection can go down. Most service providers offer it with asymmetric upload and download speed, but you have the option to upgrade your download speed if you want. 

The cost of fibre leased line connection is higher than the traditional connectivity solutions. But it offers several benefits that you will find this connection worth the money you spend. You should choose a type of dedicated internet line that matches your business and budget requirements.

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