Casino Conquest: Beat the Casinos at Their Own Games!

Casino Conquest – Beat the Casinos at Their Own Games!

Getting What You Deserve

Before you are deserving of entering the world of the undeserving, you must first understand what kind of general formula the casinos use to rate your play. By way of cliché, you must first learn to walk before you can run. So let me walk you through the composite of what camping formulas most casinos will use to judge your play at this or that game

Here’s the general formula: average bet multiplied by the number of decisions per hour multiplied by a number of hours you play multiplied by house edge equals your theoretical loss multiplied by whatever percent of your theoretical loss the casinos will give back, which (finally, thank God!) equals how much the casino will give you in comps. Simple?

Online gambling is a form of online entertainment that offers bonus for their players. Nowadays, anyone with a smartphone can gamble from anywhere in the world.

How to Stretch Your Comps

True-story time. I played three days at a very nice Las Vegas casino, just a notch below an A+, where I was RFB, which means I was a big shot and got everything “free”—gourmet restaurants; room service; shows; limos; and a big big-shot suite with two bathrooms, a Jacuzzi, a living room, a dining room, four televisions, a huge bedroom, and a stable for my polo ponies. When it was time to leave, I checked out my “screen” and asked my host if the casino would pick up the airfare for me and my wife, the beautiful A.P., and he said, “That would put you way over the return we can give you based on your theoretical.”

Now I’m going to share with you the secrets of getting much more than you deserve in comps. Most of these secrets are only known by me and everyone I’ve ever talked to about comps. But some of the following secrets are actually being revealed here for the first time because that’s the kind of guy I am—a blabbermouth!

Getting the Edge

If you think the tricks above were, well, tricky, now we get into some serious comp-doggery, which will allow you to actually get what I call the “monetary edge” over the casino. This means that between the comps you don’t deserve and the ratings on the game that you don’t deserve, you’ll actually be getting more back from the casino than you’re shelling out at the table game of your choice. (Sadly, none of these methods work on the slot machines.)

Craps players can try a classic ruse that I invented when I saw someone else do it. You can put your Place bets on the numbers during the Come Out roll but keep them off! That’s right. If you are a Place bettor, going right up on the numbers gets you noticed right away, rated right away, but with no risk. Even better, if you are, say, a $30 bettor on the 6 and 8, you might just go to $60 on each during the Come-Out roll—accompanied by much fanfare (“Give me a $60 6 and 8. Did you hear me? I said a sixty dollar—six-oh—6 and 8!” and in a whisper: “Off on the Come-Out”). But here’s the sneaky part: when the shooter establishes his point, you reduce those two bets to $30 each. You can’t do this too much, but a few times during the course of a session will help pump up your average bet rating at no extra risk.

Finally Comment

In craps, follow my recommendations for Place betting above, but as soon as your Place bets are active and at risk, start to replace them with Come bets. Unless you know that a member of the Golden Touch dice control crew is at your table, then assume everyone is just a random roller, and reduce the house edge by utilizing the Come with odds. To reduce your total action, all you have to do is follow the superstitions of the craps world.

When the dice go off the table, call off your bets. Leave them off for a couple of rolls. You’ll still be getting your comp credit, but you aren’t at risk. If the shooter should be seven out, then keep the bets up but off! Utilize the 5-Count (to be discussed later), which will eliminate 57 percent of all the random rolls, the ones that are seven out in the blink of an eye. If the dice hit someone’s hand, call off your next bet because “the dice have been disturbed.”

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