A Comprehensive Research Organization Dedicated to Gene Therapy

A Comprehensive Research Organization Dedicated to Gene Therapy

The article describes a gene therapy cro provided by Cyagen. It has been conducting cutting-edge research and clinical trials for more than a dozen years.

Why is gene therapy important?

Gene therapy is an important tool for the study and treatment of genetic diseases. It can be used to correct defective genes or introduce new genes into the body. Gene therapy has the potential to treat a variety of diseases, including cancer, heart disease, and HIV/AIDS.

The first successful gene therapy was performed in 1990. Since then, researchers have come a long way in understanding how gene therapy can be used to treat disease. Today, there are hundreds of ongoing clinical trials testing the safety and efficacy of different gene therapies. While the field is still in its early stages, the promise of gene therapy is enormous.

As a full-service solution provider, Saiye Bio has built a multi-integrated innovative CRO platform service network. Saiye Bio has accumulated a large amount of biological information and gene editing data over the last ten years, and its project experience in virus packaging, cell stable transfection, and gene editing model animals can provide researchers working on gene therapy with more efficient methods.

Gene function analysis and gene therapy overall solutions, including target prediction and validation research, animal model construction, design and packaging of viral vectors such as AAV, LV, ADV, and others, as well as full-process services such as effectiveness evaluation.


The Gene Therapy Research Center is dedicated to improving the quality of life of patients with genetic diseases through innovative gene therapy research and development. Our dedicated team of scientists and clinicians is at the forefront of discovery, working tirelessly to develop new and better treatments for those in need. We are incredibly proud of what we have accomplished so far, and Cyagen remains committed to its mission of bringing hope to patients and families affected by genetic diseases.

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