7 Unique Ways to Style Your Kurtis

7 Unique Ways to Style Your Kurtis

When it comes to women’s fashion, there are tons of outfits that are popular. However, if there’s one outfit that women of all age groups love, it is the Cotton Kurti Sets for Women. They are trendy and comfortable clothing pieces that never go out of style in any event. So whether you are looking for an outfit for the office or something ethnic wear, you can always rely on the daily wear cotton Kurtis.

Kurtis are widely available in a variety of colors. Sure, it is tempting to load your wardrobe with different kinds of Kurtis. However, after a while, it gets boring to wear the same kind of style repeatedly. Therefore, it is essential to explore some new styles. Kurtis are commonly known as essentials for ethnic occasions. But you would be surprised to see how a little change in bottom wear can transform the look of your outfit. If you are confused about how to style different kinds of Kurtis, we are here to help you.

Here are some different styles you can carry with Kurtis.

1- Kurti with Skirt

Who said you can only wear Kurtis with leggings and denim? Kurtis with skirts are a big trend these days. Over the years, many celebrities and influencers have carried a cool and funky look with a Kurti-skirt combo. You can go for an ankle-length or long flared skirt that will give you a carefree look. In addition, you can wear contrasting colors to create a casual or cocktail party look.

2- Kurti with Pants

If you are looking to create a modern and sophisticated look, this combo is just for you. The Kurti with pants is suitable for every age group. Moreover, it is a simple yet effective way to look stylish on every occasion. So whether you are going for a festive event or office, you can go with this combo. Additionally, you can wear stud earrings and a statement necklace to complete the look.

3- Kurti with Shorts

Another great style option with Kurti is pairing them with shorts. The combo will give you a cool and funky look. This combo is particularly popular among young women who love to infuse traditional and western wear. The Vaamsi Kurtas come in many different colors and designs. We recommend you to mix and match denim shorts with different colors and prints of Kurti. Lastly, you can wear sandals to complete the look.

4- Kurti with Jacket

You don’t need to compromise on your favorite outfits during winter. The Kurti with jackets is a savior for you that protects you from the cold and makes you look stylish alike. From denim jackets to long jackets, there are plenty of options for you to explore. Additionally, you can wear cool sneakers to enhance the look even further. Flaunt this combo in  college, work, and when out for shopping.

5- Kurti with Jeans

You cannot go wrong by pairing Kurti and jeans. Jeans are the only bottom wear that go well with all types of Kurtis. So, Kurtis might be the right outfit to flaunt with your favorite ripped jeans for a cool and stylish look! Although you can go with any Kurti, the printed white Kurti or black Kurti looks best with denim jeans.

6- Kurti with Shrugs and Scarves

Layering is a common practice used to enhance the look of your outfit. When it comes to layering your Kurtis, you can go with shrugs, scarfs, and vests. Pairing any plain Kurti with printed shrugs gives an edge to your outfit. Shrugs come in many colors and designs, so you don’t have to worry about color matchings. Additionally, you can also accessorize Kurtis by pairing them with colorful scarves.

7- Kurti with Palazzo

Are you tired of all regular boring styles? Then, teaming up your Kurti with contrast matching palazzo bottom wear is the best way to amp up your styling game. In fact, in recent years, pairing Kurtis with the palazzos has become a trend. Moreover, this style of Kurti looks good in any sort of event and occasion. Therefore, you must consider opting for the purple Kurti with Palazzo set.

The Bottom Line

Kurtis are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in every women’s closet. They widely come in a plethora of prints, colors, and designs for every women’s preferences. You can check out the tons of designs and shades online at the comfort of your house. Mostly, Kurtis are considered an ethnic traditional dress. However, this is not the case. In the article, we have showcased how Kurtis can be styled in a variety of different ways. You can style Kurtis with regular pants, leggings, denim, shorts, and whatnot! The important thing is to feel comfortable with what you wear.

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