5 Common Causes of Brain Fog and How to Help

5 Common Causes of Brain Fog and How to Help

Is it getting harder to remember things than usual? Do the words in your brain vanish before you even utter them? These are the symptoms of brain fog that is making your brain blurry. The Fogginess caused by brain fog results in forgetfulness, unclarity, and confusion. It is not a medical condition but appears as a symptom of another disease. Brain fog is trouble, and it is crucial to know the cause so that you can initiate proper treatment. Here we will deal with the common causes of brain fog and talk about fixing the problem. 

What Is A Brain Fog?

Brain fog is a symptom that occurs in response to other diseases. It can cause forgetfulness, weak concentration, and focus. Mental clarity is lost because of this feeling, and you are no longer productive. It also hinders your decision-making abilities and overshadows your important memories.

Causes of Brain Fog

Brain fog doesn’t occur out of anywhere, but it has an actual reason to appear. Here are the reasons that are contributing to your brain fog.


The fast-paced environment has also increased the level of stress. Stress due to work, family, improper diet, psychological stressors, and environmental factors can cause brain fog. Chronic stress can lead to permanent tissue and cell damage. It affects the brain’s hippocampus associated with the brain’s memory. The stress response in the brain triggers the release of epinephrine, a stress hormone. This puts up body energy towards the stress response, making it harder for your brain to function precisely.  

Deficiency Of Nutrients

Due to some nutrient deficiency, your brain can show brain fog symptoms. Your brain also needs vitamin D, and not serving enough of it can cause the cognitive disorder. The red blood cells are formed with vitamin B12, which also holds the responsibility of brain functioning. A low amount of vitamin B12 can affect the functioning of the central nervous system, breaking your memory. Food allergy can also take up essential nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin E, and magnesium, making your brain nutrient deficient. Use nootropics to feed your brain with nutrition that your brain may be deficient in. It is explained in a Health journal that the nootropics contain ingredients that offer cognitive benefits such as improved memory recall, productivity, learning focus, and overall brain function.


Hormones fluctuations are re-occurring in whatever face of life you are. Thyroid hormones regulate metabolism and energy for the brain and other body functions. A decline in its level can cause forgetfulness and decreased concentration. The two primary hormones, estrogen, and progesterone are at peak height during pregnancy. High levels can cause weak memory. This is also true in the case of a low level of these hormones. A declining level of testosterone in men can give brain fog. So hormones contribute to a greater extent to provide you with the feeling of brain fog.


Good sleep is the body’s and mind’s essential requirement. A sound sleep heals the body and rejuvenates the mind. If your sleep cycle is disturbed for any reason, this will affect your physical and mental health. Your productivity and performance will decline. When your body clock gets upset, it raises several other issues. Sleep is the body’s natural detoxification process, if disrupted, can cause brain fog.  


Specific medication that you must be taking may contribute to a foggy brain. Medications like narcotic painkillers, benzodiazepines, diazepam, non-benzodiazepines, flucastatins, and beta-blockers are some of them. There can be others on the list too. If your medication happens to give you brain fog, consult your doctor. Your doctor can suggest the alternative or recommend you to take lower-effective doses of the same drug. detox near me

How to Help Yourself?

Brain fog doesn’t remain forever, but proper treatment is required. Here we will discuss the possible solutions to the problem.

Indulge In Activities

Your brain likes to work, and inactivity can give it a brain fog shot. Indulge in activities like playing challenging brain games, exercising, doing other brain activities. This will help your brain get back the clarity of thoughts and be mindful. 

Nourish Your Brain

Just like every other organ in the body, your brain is hungry for nourishment too. Give your brain the essential nutrients that it needs. Use supplements that can give your brain a nutrition boost. Take a good diet sufficient in fruits, healthy fats, veggies, whole grains, and nootropics. Mitchelle Morgan, a Health Writer writes that the use of Nootropics can boost cell-to-cell communication and nourish compounds in the brain while removing destructive toxins.


Depriving oneself of sleep due to work or any other reason is not a reasonable sacrifice to make. It makes you less productive anyway. Allow your brain to detoxify and recuperate with good sleep. Give yourself a rest of eight hours. This is what doctors recommend for healthy living. 

Manage Stress

Break your stress before it breaks you. Try to manage it, and don’t let it get to your head. If you find it difficult, ask your friends and family for help. You can also talk to a therapist who can help you manage stress. Stress can be the cause of your sleepless night. Fix it before it gets severe.

Meditation And Yoga

Try to strengthen your brain muscles by giving your brain a refreshing burst of mediation and yoga. Performing mediation will bring down the increased levels of stress hormone. It will bring back the quality of life, clear brain fog, and sharpen mental clarity. It will improve your mood and sleep as well. 

The Bottom Line

Brain fog is not a real face of a disease, but it appears as a symptom of other conditions. It can give you a cloudy feeling inside your head, making your thought and memory unclear. When you address the actual cause behind the problem, start working on it immediately. Don’t wait for it to turn chronic. Keep your brain free from stress with mediation, sleep, and essential nutrients. 

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