5 Best Sites For Reverse Address Lookup service

5 Best Sites For Reverse Address Lookup service

An address search allows knowing who lives at the given address. Is the property commercial or private? It also tells about who lives currently on them or who lives in the past.

Address lookup service is the latest solution to locating who lives at this address by the street and neighbors also. Address lookup service is the most practical way to connect a person.

Sometimes you also need to know who shifted in your neighborhood or when you shift somewhere and you want to know about that community or people for your protection and safety.

Purpose to need a Reverse Address Lookup?

You can make a reverse address lookup for multiple purposes. Following are some of a few reasons why you need to perform this search.

Learn About the house that you want to buy

When you buy a new house and want to know the surroundings, which type of people live near the house which you want to buy. You need to do it for your protection and safety.

Know about your neighbor

You also want to know about the new neighbor who shifts along to your house and you need to search for this purpose.

Reconnect with your old friends and relatives

With the help of a reverse address lookup service, you are reconnected to your old friend and relatives.

What type of information you can get from the Reverse Address Lookup service

Following types of information, you can get when making an address lookup search.

  • Full name and age
  • Contact information cellphone and landline
  • Social media accounts
  • Former address
  • Criminal record
  • Related people such as family members, friends, etc
  • Details about the property
  • Information about the neighbors

How you conduct Reverse Address Lookup search With the Help of NumLooker

NumLooker’s reverse address lookup service is a simple and easy process to search. Within a few minutes, you find out all the details in front of you.

Here are the steps which you are following to make this search.

Stage 1: go to the browser and write the address of Numlooker

Stage 2: After the NumLooker website opens go to the option of Reverse Address lookup

Stage 3: enter the detailed address

Stage 4: click “start search”

All detail results after a few moments.

5 Best Sites for Reverse Address Lookup Service

Many search engines provide the address lookup search and give accurate results to you.

Following 5 best websites provide their services with high accuracy.

  • NumLooker

NumLooker is an internet search engine to search to find different information about people. You do not need to visit any official office to get the public record of the desired person. With the help of NumLooker, it is easy to collect information by using the internet and just go to the website of NumLooker and dig out all the required information.

You make different kinds of searches on NumLooker such as email Lookup, public records lookup, and phone number lookup who is calling. As a result of the search, researchers get every detail that they require.

NumLooker’s reverse address lookup is more powerful as compared to other websites. It does not save any information about you when you search their website.

Benefits to using the NumLooker website

Following are some examples of the benefits of using NumLooker.


NumLooker provides authentic and more accurate result search tools.it provides reliable information about the targeted person.


As with the use of NumLooker, you do not have to visit any public office, so with the help of the internet, you just go to the website and collect the information.

Safe and Secure

It is a free search site and does not save the information which you are looking to find the information.it is not further use of your information.

Advance features

It has some advanced features that make this more reliable information.

What kind of Information provided NumLooker Reverse Address Lookup

Here is a list of information you shall provide on the NumLooker reverse address lookup service.

Background information about the property

It gives details about the location of the property, how many rooms are available in-house, the availability of a kitchen, and many more like this.

Legal Documentation of property 

You can also check the legal status of the property which you are buying.

To check the market value of property

You can also check the market value of the property so you are sure you make a good deal.

Information about the owner of the property

When you decide to buy a property then you also want to check the information about the owner of the property for your safety.

  • CocoFinder

CocoFinder is another address lookup search website. from this website you can get information like the name, age, date of birth, it also provides the court’s records and criminal records if any.

  • TruePeopleSearch 

TruePeopleSearch engine provides all the possible information about the targeted person just by typing the name of the person. You can find out the personal details, phone number, email address, and criminal records.

Within a few minutes, you receive all the reports of information.it is completely free and gives accurate information to its users.

  • FindPeopleFast

FindPeopleFast is a free phone lookup service that provides information about the required person very deeply, such as the image of the person, family, records, and also criminal records. This provides an accurate record to their users.

  • PeopleFinderFree

People finder free provides a billion public and semi-public records of the people. It will provide information about the background.

It also provides information about personal, professional, and financial records.

To run a search user must enter the name or the location of the targeted person.

Concluded Remark

Using different lookup tools to search the information about the people. In the above article, you also may use the tool phone lookup, article on who is calling me, and find out the information from different websites.

It is simple to get information by using the above tools and get the information about the past, address, criminal records, and so on.

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