4 Fun Activities you can do ONLINE for Free

4 Fun Activities you can do ONLINE for Free

For most of us, surfing the internet is the most relaxing activity ever. Facebook, Tik-Tok, Instagram – you know you can stay for hours on those social media platforms and search for interesting things. But let us point to you some captivating things you can do online, for free! Prepare yourself for some fun time, because we have interesting things to show you!

1.  Visit an Astronomical Observer Online for Free

When was the last time you looked up in the sky and wondered what it is like out there, in the Universe? Now you can see the stars from your computer as if you were visiting the astronomical observatory. If seeing the stars is one of your wishes, do not wait for a shooting star to get your wish. Look upon the internet for an Autonomous Service Telescope (try telescope.org). There are lots of organizations that give you permission to search the sky. pg slot

What you can observe in the sky:

  • The Milky Way Galaxy. Our galaxy is where the Sun and 200 billion other stars are. See the thousands of nebulae and star clusters. The Milky Way is a gigantic structure with 100,000 light-years in diameter and only 1000 light-years thick.
  • Look at the sky on a clear evening and you will notice the stars are not arranged in the sky. Stars seem placed in different shapes. In the past, people imagined that they see different animals, objects, or heroes from stories. This is the way the constellations appeared, like Orion.
  • The Solar System. The largest body in the Solar System is the Sun. Did you know that it contains 99.86% of the mass of the entire solar system?

2.  Play Online for Free and Earn Real Money

You know what is the best way to earn money while you are on the internet, right? Yes, check in to any casinos in rupees! You have to be clever enough to play the games you love and master and your deposits will double. This is the fastest and easiest way to do it.

If you want to earn money for free online, without taking any risk, you can turn your time online into money. But you will earn a modest amount, in the long run.

Using online apps ( like zareklamy) you can earn money by:

  • playing games, you need to install the game you like and complete a specific task in the game to earn points
  • watching short 30-second shown in the opened window
  • shopping online, create online accounts, buy the product for which you want to get your money back
  • filling out surveys, dedicate some time to completing simple surveys, writing your own answers

You can make up to 150 dollars in a month. Told you it is not much, is not like winning the jackpot. For the jackpot, you have to find a way to play the casino.

3.  Online Safari for Free

How many times did you watch a movie or a documentary about Africa, Asia, or Antarctica? Didn’t you wish you were there, in the middle of the wild? Wouldn’t you like to see the wild animals up close, smelling them, watching them eat, sleep, play? If paying for a trip is expensive, watching the wild animals in their natural habitat is free, when you do it online.

You can discover new places and experience a new culture while sitting in your bed, at home. Use webcams, (like explore.org) to see memorable safari experiences without traveling. Using live webcams you can reach destinations like Kenya or Rwanda in Africa. Also, you can see the Mawson base in Antarctica. Go to the largest concentrations of the polar bear in Wapusk National Park, Canada.

Several organizations will help you see the world through live webcams. Use monkeysandmountains.com, discoverwildlife.com, lonelyplanet.com, earthcam.com, and discover new places. Have an unforgettable experience, learning about the world!

4.  Learn how to build or create anything you want!

Let’s say you would like to learn to cook, you always wanted to make your own candles, or you want to learn how to build a shelter for homeless cats. You can learn to do almost anything online, for free. Yes, it is possible! Choose the right subject for you and look for the right place to learn everything for free.

Use Videojug to learn how to do anything. It is the best place to see videos about how to make things.

We have another interesting recommendation. On howstuffworks.com you can learn all you need to know about taking care of your house. Go ahead and find out interesting things about your garden and yard. There are interesting articles about how to shine your silver or how to buy the best bed. Also, you learn 15 ways to use your baking soda.

If you want to learn any foreign language, use mondly.com, and in a few months, you will be able to speak French or Spanish.


If you do not like anything we have proposed for you, keep it simple. Stay online to watch stand-up comedy, or the most famous movies ever made. You can find them for free on different platforms! Listen to some music and relax! You can do a different thing every day and never get bored or spend any money online.

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