Seven Benefits Of Carpet

Seven Benefits Of Carpet

In today’s world, there are so many different types of floor coverings, that it can be difficult to decide what to use- a hardwood or a carpet. Many may even wonder if the carpet is different from hardwood. You might even wonder as to what could be the benefits of carpet over other types of hardwood flooring. Be it for residential or commercial purposes, carpets have been predominant next to hardwood floor coverings. In addition to their beauty and comfort, carpets are durable and versatile. After you have settled that you want a carpet, you may get confused about whether you should go for modern ones or vintage area rugs and traditional area rugs. Even though every floor covering, has its own merits and shortcomings, carpet and area rugs have several distinct advantages over hardwood floors.

Here we have listed the seven most sought-after merits compared to hardwoods.

  1. Style- Despite hardwood being known for its durability and style for many years, carpets have earned their name in terms of styling as well. They range from simple and modest, to sumptuous and elegant. Undeniably, for a traditional setting, vintage area rugs will not only upscale the look of a room but change its feel as well. For a formal room, a wool carpet or a shag rug can be considered. Wool rugs and many other types of vintage area rugs from Mat The Basics can be looked into for their upscale styling designs.
  2. Ease- When you stand for a long time on a hard surface, your body starts getting cramps and you feel dull. That’s the effect a hard surface with no floor covering, does to your body. This means that layering the surface with a floor covering can be comfortable. In addition to providing comfort, it provides flexibility for underfoot. Thus, you can safely tread upon and stand for longer durations without any ache.
  3. Warmth- Compared to hard surface flooring materials, carpet offers superior seclusion to a space. According to research, thicker carpets offer greater privacy. Fiber type also factors into the insulation value of carpets. Adding to the heat losses are uncovered floors, which are extremely cold underfoot and are also responsible for a substantial amount of heat loss. Thick carpet has millions of tightly woven fibers that have extremely low conduction rates, as well as a very high air-retention factor.
  4. Heath- A constant battle has always been in the up-front whether or not carpets add to the health problems such as allergies, and asthma. Many consumers with allergies and asthma prefer to not include carpets as their floor coverings. But despite that, cleaning carpets with CRI-approved vacuums can help in the removal of many particles, thus making it safer for homes.
  5. Reduction of noise- Studies have proven that sounds travel faster on a solid surface. In a space with no carpet, the sounds get echoed. Hard surfaces do not inherit the ability to absorb any sound, hence having a floor covering can help absorb sound.
  6. Cushioned surface- solid surfaces can be lubricious, and it is easy to trip upon. Falling over a hard surface can be injurious. Not only does carpet provide a soft surface, but it can also prevent some falls by preventing them from happening in the first place. The correct selection of carpets increases safety in the home by preventing accidental falls.
  7. Cost-effective- The prices of all types of floor coverings are different. Basically, no one type guarantees to be cheaper or more expensive than another. Having said so, it is observed that carpets have lower prices than hardwood surfaces. Maple hardwood, laminate, and numerous other hard surface flooring products require special preparation before they can be installed. Work requirements like varnishing the hardwoods and other procedures must be completed before they can be installed. Carpets have no such demands. Modern style area rugs and Vintage area rugs sold by rug wholesalers and rug manufacturers can be placed with minimal effort with fewer materials.

To sum up, it can be said that carpet is conventionally less expensive than hardwood materials.

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