Let's Learn More About The Privnote Private Texting Tool!

Let’s Learn More About The Privnote Private Texting Tool!

We all are aware of the fact that if you are talking secretly with one person then you must have to be careful because the walls around you also have ears. Although sharing a secret face-to-face is somehow secure, what if you have to have a secret discussion with a person through any social media platform? 

There are great chances that after the particular person reads the message, it may be read by a third person. but now privenote has covered all such worries of people and allows them to send a message note to a particular person that will distract itself after being seen once. Let us have more info about this incredible working tool. 


As privacy has become a problem for every person and because of having a smartphone, it has become very easy for anyone to have access to someone else’s messages and text in seconds. Privnote, a private information sender, has overcome this issue and allows its users to send private notes to anyone without being afraid of getting read by a third person. 

The sent note will have the ability to be eradicated after being opened once. In this way, it becomes very beneficial for the users who have to send some secret info to their partner, colleague, or any friend. Not only text but you will also be allowed to share images, videos, and even link through private notes.

Benefits Of Using Privnote:

After having deep info related to Privnote, you should also know the benefits of it that you can enjoy:

  • Free:

This private message-sending tool is free of cost and you will never be asked to provide any kind of extra charges.

  • Without Registration:

No need to waste time registering for a new account to use Privnote but you can enjoy its features simply without any hurdles. 

  • Self Destructive:

Every private note sent by Privnote will automatically be removed after getting a seen from a particular person. 

  • Security:

Your data will remain away from any unauthorized access and the person with the password can have access to it. Moreover, in case someone tries to hack your account, your private messages will remain safe from him. 

How Does Privnote Work?


If you also want to benefit from this amazing private information sender tool then you need to have data about the entire working procedure of it.

Step 1:

Gain access to any device having an internet connection and then move to the official website of Privnote. You don’t even have to register for an account to use Privnote. 

Step 2:

You will see a new screen where you will be asked to paste the link of the message that you want to convert into a private note. 

Step 3:

You will be allowed to set a password so that only the person with the password can have access to it. After the loading procedure, you can share the link with anyone via WhatsApp, email, or any other platform. 

Wise Words

Having the advantage of sending private messages to anyone that can be erased just after being seen once is very amazing. Privnote has gained a lot of demand and popularity among users for covering this feature. We have tried to discuss everything about Privnote that is important for you to know, in our above article. 

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