HIKMICRO FB Series: Professional Infrared Thermal Cameras for Firefighting and Life Rescue

HIKMICRO, a trusted leader in advanced imaging technology, presents the FB Series, a range of professional infrared thermal cameras designed specifically for firefighting and life rescue operations. Engineered to provide exceptional performance in challenging environments, the FB Series offers multiple display modes to cater to various on-site needs, including firefighting, hidden fire point searching, life rescue, and building analysis.

Unparalleled Visibility in Darkness and Smoke

The HIKMICRO FB Series infrared thermal cameras are compact and powerful tools that provide unparalleled visibility even in total darkness and smoke-filled environments. Equipped with cutting-edge thermal imaging technology, they enable firefighters and rescue teams to see through obstacles and detect sources of heat or hidden fire points that may not be visible to the naked eye. The FB Series empowers professionals with enhanced situational awareness and helps them make critical decisions swiftly and effectively.

Versatile Display Modes for Various Applications

With their multiple display modes, the HIKMICRO FB Series infrared thermal cameras offer versatility in different firefighting and life rescue scenarios. Whether it’s assessing the severity of a fire, searching for trapped individuals in low visibility conditions, or conducting building analysis to identify potential hazards, the FB Series provides the right tools for the task at hand. Its intuitive interface and customizable settings ensure that firefighters and rescue personnel can easily adapt to different situations and optimize their operational effectiveness.

Comprehensive Kit for Immediate Deployment

The HIKMICRO FB Series infrared thermal cameras come complete with everything professionals need for immediate deployment. The kit includes a thermal camera with a wrist strap, a power supply with international use plugs (US/EU/UK/AU/CN), and a USB 2.0 A to USB Type-C cable. Additionally, it includes a calibration certificate to ensure accurate measurements and a quick start guide to facilitate quick and seamless setup. HIKMICRO’s comprehensive kit ensures that firefighters and rescue teams have all the necessary tools and resources to perform their duties efficiently and effectively.


HIKMICRO’s FB Series infrared thermal cameras are indispensable tools for firefighting and life rescue operations. With their exceptional visibility in darkness and smoke, versatile display modes, and comprehensive deployment kit, they provide professionals with the edge they need to navigate challenging environments and save lives. HIKMICRO’s commitment to innovation and quality ensures that firefighters and rescue teams can rely on the FB Series to enhance their situational awareness and make informed decisions in critical situations. Elevate your firefighting and life rescue capabilities with the HIKMICRO FB Series infrared thermal cameras and experience the power of advanced thermal imaging technology.

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