Enhance Plant Lighting Efficiency with Done Power’s IP67 LED Driver

Done Power‘s LED driver IP67 is the perfect choice for non-isolated plant lighting, offering exceptional power and performance. With power options ranging from 320W to 1200W, this LED driver caters to various plant lighting requirements. It operates within a rated input voltage of 120-277Vac and delivers a stable output voltage of 180-260Vdc. Done Power’s IP67 LED driver is designed to achieve high efficiency of up to 97%, ensuring maximum energy. With a high power factor of ≥0.98 and low total harmonic distortion (THD) of less than 10% at 230Vac, it minimizes THD interference, reducing strain on the electrical system.

Versatile Configurations for Customization

Done Power’s IP67 LED driver offers versatile configurations to accommodate different plant lighting setups. The J type features a programmable network port, providing flexibility and control over lighting operations. Alternatively, the X type offers an auxiliary source version, catering to specific lighting requirements. Businesses can also choose between a conventional outlet or a built-in dimmer configuration, ensuring compatibility with their existing systems.

Robust Protection and Longevity

Done Power’s IP67 LED driver prioritizes safety and longevity. Equipped with comprehensive protection features such as Short Circuit Protection (SCP), Over-Temperature Protection (OTP), Over-Voltage Protection (OVP), Over-Current Protection (OCP), and Under-Voltage Protection (UVP), it safeguards both the LED driver and the connected lighting system. With a lifespan exceeding 50,000 hours and a generous 5-year warranty, Done Power’s IP67 LED driver ensures long-term reliability and performance.


Done Power’s IP67 LED driver offers a reliable and efficient solution for plant lighting applications. With its wide range of power options, high efficiency, and low THD interference, this LED driver maximizes energy utilization and minimizes power losses. The versatile configurations and robust protection features provide customization and safety, while the long lifespan and warranty guarantee durability and peace of mind. Done Power’s IP67 LED driver is the ideal choice for businesses seeking enhanced plant lighting efficiency and reliable performance.

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