Edan’s Innovative Patient Monitoring System: Revolutionizing Healthcare

In the dynamic landscape of modern healthcare, having a reliable patient monitoring system is crucial for ensuring comprehensive and efficient care delivery. Edan, a leading name in medical technology, introduces the iM20, a cutting-edge patient monitoring solution that seamlessly caters to the diverse needs of both in-hospital and out-of-hospital settings.

Connected Care Anywhere

The iM20 serves as a versatile multi-parameter module within the elite V series, as well as a portable transport monitor. This seamless transition capability allows for continuous monitoring, ensuring a smooth continuum of care from emergency situations to critical care environments. Whether inside the hospital or during patient transfers, the iM20 remains a steadfast companion, providing continuous data connectivity and protection for patients in all scenarios.

Seamless Data Transmission

Equipped with a plug-and-play feature, the iM20 effortlessly adapts between its roles as a multi-parameter module and a standalone monitor. It facilitates smooth data transmission across different applications, ensuring that crucial patient information is readily available. Furthermore, the built-in Wi-Fi module enables uninterrupted data transmission to the MFM-CMS central monitoring station, ensuring that healthcare professionals stay connected with real-time patient data throughout the entire in-hospital monitoring process.

Enhanced Monitoring with EFM Module

For added monitoring capabilities, the iM20 seamlessly integrates an EFM module, allowing for continuous CO2 monitoring. This additional feature remains seamlessly attached to the iM20, even when integrated with the elite V series, eliminating any interruptions in the monitoring process. This cohesive integration underscores Edan’s commitment to providing a comprehensive and uninterrupted patient monitoring experience.


In essence, Edan’s iM20 stands as a beacon of innovation, ensuring connected and protected patient monitoring both within and beyond the hospital setting. With its advanced features and seamless integration, the iM20 is poiSE Seriesd to redefine the standards of patient care in modern healthcare.

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