Which Illness are Covered Under Critical Illness Insurance

Which Illness are Covered Under Critical Illness Insurance

Health insurance is a safety net that every individual should avail for themselves. It is strongly recommended for those who are in their mid adulthood, before moving into the phase of old age. With health insurance, one can minimise the stress of arranging for finances during times of medical crises and healthcare need. These stressors could be in the form of taking huge amounts of loans from the bank that one might not be able to repay, or borrowing money from friends and relatives at the last minute. Since Health insurance offers a huge advantage, we at Cholamandalam Health Insurance suggest that one should not jump into it in a hurried state. Instead it is more prudent to take one’s time to understand different policies, what is at offer at different places, and then come to a decision that will fit one’s financial goals. One important aspect to consider when applying for health insurance is to have clear knowledge on critical illness insurance. This means that you have to be sure of the critical illnesses that are included in the coverage of the health insurance plan.

Critical Illness Insurance

Alongside your normal health insurance, you can make use of the critical illness insurance. Referred to as critical illness cover or critical insurance policy, it proves of immense value when one is faced with critical illnesses.It offers a lump-sum payout once any critical illness has been diagnosed. The expenses could arise to in order to make a life adjustment, cover treatment costs, or to fix lost income: whatever be the need, this payout can be highly useful to cover its cost.

 Commonly Covered Critical Illnesses

The specific illnesses that are covered can vary from one insurance provider to another, but there are some critical illnesses that remain common across most critical illness insurance policies.


Cancer is one of the deadly diseases that affects people’s lives. While not all types of cancer are equally harmful or uncurable, some such as prostate, lung and colon cancer can be very dangerous. So, most critical illness insurance covers cancer.

Heart Attack:

A disease that men in their mid age are mostly susceptible to, is heart attack. An insurance for this can help cover finances if there is any emergency such as a cardiovascular surgery that needs to be undertaken.


Stroke is another very common ailment that can impact mobility in people. Critical illness insurance can help with this by providing support for rehabilitation, or anything that might be necessary for a patient who has a stroke.

Organ Transplant:

The insurance often covers the costs associated with organ transplants, including both organ procurement and the transplant surgery itself.

Critical illness insurance also covers the cost that a patient will incur for organ transplantation such as the procurement of the organ and for the cost of the method of transplantation.


Critical illness insurance is a relevant cover that is useful along with regular health insurance. Rather than focusing on the financial burdens, it helps policyholders experience freedom from their financial burden even as they navigate dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of a critical illness, which has multiple negative impacts on their lives. We at Cholamandalam Health Insurance hope everyone understands the additional value and benefit of critical illness cover and evaluate how best to avail this benefit for themselves and their loved ones.

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