What is Offline Phom? Compare Offline and online phom playing

Offline phom playing is quite popular, especially in the Northern regions. In this article, Nhà Cái New88 will introduce in more detail about offline phom as well as compare it with the online form. Join us to learn about offline phom.

What is offline phom playing?

Phom is also known as Ta La. This is a traditional card game that is very popular in Vietnam, especially in the North. This game is quite popular and loved by all ages.

In this game, each player’s goal is to collect cards from their opponents and arrange them into sets (phom) to minimize the total points in their hand. In addition, you also need to remove unnecessary cards (junk cards) that your opponent cannot use to create phom, to limit your score.

Phom is usually played with 2 to 4 players. The game uses a deck of 52 cards. At the beginning, the deck of cards will be thoroughly shuffled, then dealt to the players. The dealer will receive 10 cards, while the other players receive 9 cards. The remaining cards will be placed in the middle of the table, allowing players to draw more cards in the next turns.

The difference between offline and online phom playing

In terms of gameplay, offline and online simulations are usually no different. However, comparing the differences, there will be the following factors:

About the place to play

When playing offline phom, you usually play at a specific location, like home, a coffee shop, or a community playground. They create a truly social atmosphere where you can communicate directly with other players.

You can see and analyze your opponents’ facial expressions and body language, which can give you important clues about the hand they have. However, the game speed is often slower because it takes time to shuffle and deal cards, as well as waiting for each player to choose and play their cards.

On the contrary, when playing online phom, you play via computer or mobile device, connecting with players from all over the world. In this environment, you cannot directly observe your opponents, but can only interact through the game interface.

Although it lacks the face-to-face interaction element, playing online has the advantage of a significantly faster game speed. The computer automatically shuffles and deals the cards, eliminating waiting time between turns. Furthermore, in some online games, there may be a time limit for each turn, which makes the game play faster and more coherent.

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About how to calculate money

For Offline mode, all players will have to put money in front of them and if you lose, you will give the money immediately to the winner. In the online form, the house will be the intermediary. Players will convert money into points in the game to beat each other. If you win in online phom, you will withdraw money to your account. This process also happens quite quickly and is highly secure, undetected by authorities.

Tips for playing Phom cards offline effectively

To win the Phom card game, not only does it require luck but also requires skill and experience from the player. Here are some tips for playing Phom effectively:

Understanding how to play Phom and knowing how to arrange cards is the first important thing you need to understand. This skill helps you create more phom, thereby increasing your chances of winning.

When playing cards, remember that the card that is most likely to be taken away by your opponent is the more important that card is. So, if you think that card is difficult for your opponent to take, play it down.

If you have sets of cards capable of creating phom, try “card fishing” – a strategy to get your opponent to play the card you need.

Sometimes, you might consider “shuffling” – that is, breaking your deck to prevent your opponent from creating phom.

Knowing the rules and experience in playing Phom is also very important. They help you avoid making unnecessary mistakes.

Careful calculation when playing Phom is a necessary skill. This game requires sharpness and logical thinking. When you know how to think logically and strategically, your winning rate will increase significantly.

Experience that New88 gives you: In addition to learning strategies, practicing regularly and learning from experienced players also helps you improve your Phom playing skills.


Through the above article, New88 wants you to understand more about offline phom playing. This is a traditional card game and is still played today. If you want to experience phom online, please visit the New100 homepage. There are many attractive arenas waiting for you.

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