What is Draw No Bet? Standard Draw No Bet Betting Instructions

Draw no bet must be very familiar to those who are passionate about online soccer betting. It is conquered by many people because of its appeal, high reward rate and unique gameplay. In this article, let’s Nhà Cái New88 Find out what this bet is and how to conquer it.

Learn about Draw no bet in online soccer betting

Anyone who is passionate about soccer betting is certainly no stranger to different types of bets. Among them, the most prominent must be mentioned Draw no bet favored by many people. According to research, this bet originated in Europe and has gradually become popular around the world.

So Draw no bet What it is, can be simply understood as a bet that the player will choose 1 of 2 teams. You will predict whether the away team or home team will win after the match ends. If the match is a draw, the player gets a refund of the bet they initially placed. That’s why it’s called the Draw no bet, and it also has another name: the return bet.

In addition to football, Draw no bet bets also appear in many other tournaments such as basketball, rugby or volleyball… Depending on each subject, there will be different bets for you to freely choose.

Simple instructions for playing Draw no bet for new participants

In each match there will be the participation of 2 teams, including the home team and the away team. You rely on your analysis and calculations to bet on a team that has a chance to win.

The following specific example will help you better understand how this bet is played. In a soccer match between AC Milan and Man City, bettors bet on the home team to win. The result can occur in 1 of the following cases:

  • If the AC Milan team wins, you will receive enough money from the house trade mark New88.
  • If the Man City team wins, you will lose all your bets.
  • If the match is a draw, the house will refund your money.

Thanks to high bonuses and great winning opportunities, Draw no bet attracting more and more people to participate. If you want to bet safely, definitely don’t miss this interesting bet.

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Rules for calculating Draw no bet bets correctly

When participating in this bet, players need to clearly understand the rules for calculating money. Thereby, you can choose the appropriate strategy and bet level to help optimize the bonus. Specifically, the formula for calculating bonuses when playing Draw no bet at the bookmaker New88 as follows:

  • Draw bonus = Bet/Draw odds.
  • Winning bet bonus = Bet amount – draw bet amount.

With the example above, if the player bets 1 million VND, including a tie bet of 300k. Possible outcomes include:

  • If home team AC Milan wins, the prize money is calculated as 650,000 x 2.6 = 1,690,000 VND. Thus, you will receive 1,690,000 – 1,000,000 = 690,000 VND total bonus.
  • If the away team Man City wins, you will lose your entire initial bet of 1 million.
  • Draw result: player gets 1 million refund.

Share good Draw no bet betting experiences

Although it is a simple bet, if you want to increase your chances of winning, please refer to some of the experiences below:

Research the tournament, matches and teams carefully

You should carefully research the tournaments before choosing to bet. Big prizes are often very prestigious, there is never a situation of selling or buying prizes. Players can feel absolutely secure when betting on matches in this tournament. There is also a lot of information and news for you to freely refer to. Thereby, you can choose the appropriate bet and achieve high efficiency.

Bet small amounts when you first join

Playing experience Draw no bet Next, start with a small amount of money. Take the time to get acquainted, accumulate more experiences and lessons for yourself. Once you are more confident, you can increase your bet level. This way of playing will help you limit heavy financial losses.

If you feel the match is not feasible, it is best not to take risks. You should choose to stop and continue to monitor the situation to have a more appropriate strategy. Especially, you must choose a reputable and quality house like New88 for a safe, quality experience. Here the betting process is transparent, fair and committed to paying green rewards.


Above is an introductory article and instructions for playing Draw no bet effective at New88. If you have any questions about this bet, please contact us immediately. I hope you will conquer many awards here New88.

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