Virtual Hackathon Top 10 Tips: How To Run The Perfect Virtual Hackathon

The virtual hackathon model has become famous for startups, sponsors and hackers. It allows creativity in creating new projects and is a more cost-effective option. Gone are the days when ideas must be quashed due to lack of funding or too few team members. Virtual Hackathons can be considered a brand-new method for developing innovations in various industries, from tech and software to medicine and other crucial areas. Hosting a Virtual hackathon, especially an online one, might not be as simple as it first appears.

Top 10 Tips to Run The Perfect Virtual Hackathon.

1. Plan for Success :

To run an excellent virtual hackathon, you must first know what you want it to achieve. Virtual Hackathon involves people of all levels and expertise applying their skills and ideas within the given timeframe. You need to plan carefully and consider how to run it. It would help if you also thought about who will be involved and what they are contributing to the overall outcome of the Hackathon. Other aspects that should be considered include the website where participants can register, what information should be offered when writing, pricing, food and drinks etc.

2. Decide on the Purpose:

It would help if you decided on the Purpose of your virtual Hackathon. It can range from creating a website or mobile application to designing a new game type or an invention that helps conserve energy. It would help if you thought about how many people will be involved and how much time they might need for their work. One thing that should also be clear is what kind of problems you wish to solve, whether medical or environmental engineering. The Purpose is essential because, at its very core, it defines what your Hackathon must do and why it needs to be held.

3. Produce a work back schedule:

Once you know what you want your Hackathon to achieve, you must create a work-back schedule. It would help to decide who will be involved and what tasks would be conducted in time. This will give you an idea of the time required for specific project parts. For example, if two developers need two days each, they won’t be able to finish their assigned tasks in one day. Everyone must get the right amount of time to complete their needed jobs, ensuring successful completion.

4. Create a code of conduct:

If you want to host a successful virtual hackathon, you need to ensure that every participant is aware of the various rules and regulations of the event. This can be done by creating a code of conduct, including information on how to make a good idea, guidelines on breaking a problem down into smaller pieces, and other vital details. Participants must follow the code of conduct for the Hackathon to succeed.

5. Maybe limit the number of participants:

You need to decide on the number of participants allowed to join the virtual Hackathon. This number should be based on how much time is allocated for their work and your budget for food and drinks. You can also consider charging a registration fee since you will have to pay for hosting the website where participants can upload information about their projects. Suppose you intend to allow only a few participants. In that case, you can go with an informal approach by sending a link to your project site via email and telling them what information they are expected to provide when joining the hackathon team.

6. Set up a clear set of rules beforehand:

Hosting a virtual hackathon is not something that can be done on a whim; therefore, you need to make sure that you set up the rules and regulations beforehand. You must ensure that the rules are transparent, fair, and unambiguous. You will also have to make sure that they are easy to understand, and this can be done by explaining why they are needed to avoid confusion among participants. If the rules are not clear enough or do not reflect your intent, people might misbehave, and you may end up disappointed.

7. Make one landing page for the Hackathon:

It is essential that you set up a landing page for your virtual Hackathon. This will help make things easier for participants, giving them information about the Hackathon and enabling them to register for it. You need to ensure sufficient details, such as the date, registration requirements, and the rules and regulations of the event. You should also mention any items that may be needed during the Hackathon. You may also decide to have a countdown timer to help participants understand more about the Hackathon.

8. Decide on the Quality of the projects:

You must set up a point system for evaluating different projects from the participants at your virtual Hackathon. This will help you ensure that you are receiving good quality ideas since you will not be able to judge everything during one short period. You must also create a point system based on the number of completed tasks, although it is not necessary to have a specific number of points per task if it would be too much work. The best thing to do is to ask the participants and then assign points according to their evaluations.

9. Consider the benefits for participants:

It would help if you considered the benefits for participants. There should be leader boards or another way to reward participants for their hard work. This is necessary because it will encourage them to keep working hard, even when tired. You can also offer a free membership or an account on an online platform for all the participants who participate in the virtual Hackathon, which will help encourage them to participate and ensure that they stay engaged with your project. Promotions can be given as well as awards, although these should not take away from the primary goal of creating a good product.

10. Don’t forget about training workshops:

You need to make sure that you set aside some time for the training workshops that are going to be given at the Hackathon. These workshops will help participants learn more about the various programming languages and technologies they can use during the event. Participants will also get to talk to expert programmers or even participate in a problem-solving workshop.

How to prepare for hackathon planning

Before you launch the hackathon planning, it is important that you identify what can be done to solve a particular problem. There should be a clear definition of the goal that needs to be achieved. Once this has been established, then you can start looking for different options as to how it can be solved. It is also important to decide on the resources that are needed in order to complete the task at hand and how they can be gathered or acquired. You should plan everything beforehand so as not to run out of time or money during the event itself.

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