The NUSO Heated Tobacco: An Innovative Product For Smokers

Smoking has been around for centuries. As with any habit, there are some risks involved. One of the most common negative effects is the risk of getting cancer and other smoking-related diseases. This NUSO heated tobacco is an alternative to the traditional cigarettes! Check out how they are helping smokers by creating a safer smoking experience with this heated tobacco sticks!

What is the Nuso Heated Tobacco?

The Nuso heated tobacco is used by being heated, not burnt, which is the key factor in heated tobacco products differing from traditional cigarettes and being considered risk-reduced products. In fact, a heated tobacco stick can be generally inserted into an electronic device that allows it to be heated at a relatively low temperature (typically no more than 600℃).

More about the Nuso Heated Tobacco

Nuso heated tobacco is a product created to help smokers reduce risk of smoking. This product is placed into an electronic device with a heating element. Just wait for several seconds, the smoker can suck on it and satisfy their nicotine cravings. A study demonstrates that nicotine is not the primary reason for smoking-related diseases, but most diseases are caused by the chemicals released when tobacco is burned.

Why is Nuso heated tobacco becoming more popular among smokers?

There are several reasons why Nuso heated tobacco is becoming more popular. On the one hand, it provides smokers an alternative to smokers but it doesn’t produce the same harmful chemicals as smoking hot cigars or cigarettes, so it’s not as dangerous. On the other hand, many people find that Nuso heated tobacco tastes better than traditional smoking methods since it contains different aroma.


The NUSO heated tobacco is a relatively new product on the market that has been regarded as a better alternative for adult smokers. Moreover, Nuso heated tobacco products offer a smoke-less nicotine rush. It can be a contribution to a smoke-free future.

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