The Keys To Success In Medical College For Aspirants

The Keys To Success In Medical College For Aspirants

Medical college is the dream destiny for many science stream students to make their way into the healthcare arena. If you are one such person aspiring to make your way into the medical college with an MBBS degree, then this article is for you.

This article will provide a clear idea of the MBBS course along with tips to have a successful MBBS learning journey in the best private medical colleges in Mumbai and others.


●       Glimpse into the course – Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

●       Top colleges to pursue MBBS in India

●       Key tips to success in medical college

●       Conclusion

●       FAQs

Glimpse into the Course – Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS):

MBBS is one of the prestigious career choices that students aim higher on taking up the biology stream in 12th grade. Many top colleges such as Terna Medical College, one of the best private medical colleges in Mumbai and others.

Here are the course details of MBBS:

Course Description:

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) is a 5.5-year undergraduate course that is richly designed with all the subjects required to prepare a student for the medical profession. This course educates the students on all aspects of human health such as various organs of the human body, treatments and diagnosis of diseases and disorders, etc.

This course is modelled to be a 5.5-year course wherein 4.5 years, i.e., 9 semesters are involved in classroom training, and 1 year is involved in internships at hospitals, health centres, etc.

Eligibility Criteria and Admission Process:

The basic eligibility criteria to pursue MBBS at top colleges such as Terna Medical College, one of the best medical colleges in Navi Mumbai and others are as follows.

  • Candidates should be a minimum of 17 years of age.
  • Candidates should have completed 10+2 with physics, chemistry, and biology as compulsory subjects at any recognised educational institution.
  • Candidates should have scored at least 50% aggregate in 10+2.
  • Candidates should be NEET qualified.

The admission process for MBBS is entirely dependent on the NEET UG score of the candidate and based on the guidelines of the Medical Council of India.

Top Colleges to Pursue MBBS in India:

India has around 595 medical colleges offering MBBS. As per the Health Ministry of India, there has been an increase of 67% in medical college establishments since 2014 with an increase of  97% in MBBS seats. Let us find some of the best MBBS colleges for you.

Top MBBS Colleges in India Average Annual Course Fee (INR)
Terna Medical College 12,76,500
AIIMS, Delhi 23,300
Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh 45,000
Banaras Hindu University 16,400
University College of Medical Sciences, Delhi 8,000
Maulana Azad Medical College 22,225

Key Tips to Success in Medical College:

Here are certain key tips to have a successful MBBS journey in top colleges such as Terna Medical College, one of the best MBBS colleges in Navi Mumbai and others.

Maintain Effective Time Management:

Time management is the primary step for a successful MBBS journey in medical college. This is because this course is a broad spectrum loaded course that requires exclusively time for learning and preparation for better outcomes.

Some of the best time management tips are as follows.

  • Divide your day after college into three parts namely study hours, relaxation hours, and sleeping hours as all three are interdependent for better performance.
  • Partition your study hours into three sections namely tough hour, easy hour, and revision hour. The tough hour is for time-consuming subjects, the easy hour is for easy subjects, and finally the revision hour.

Take up Active Learning:

Active learning is the best learning technique that helps MBBS students understand the concepts clearly. Active learning involves a wide range of activities that will have a longer memory retention rate of concepts and some of the popular active learning techniques include:

  • Asking questions and learning
  • Indulging in group discussions with peers
  • Referring to multiple resources
  • Creating flashcards for revision

Experience Clinical Exposure:

MBBS degrees are pursued at the best medical colleges such as Terna Medical College, one of the best MBBS medical colleges in Mumbai, and others offer a lot of clinical exposure and practical sessions. Students need to make the best learning experience out of it.

MBBS practicals involve exposing students to real-time demonstrations such as making sutures, dressing wounds, etc which are fundamentals in medical practice. So students must offer sharp attention in practical sessions to master the fundamental skills in medical practice. Also, practical learning has a better understanding caliber compared to classroom learning.

Indulge in Effective Note-Taking:

Note-making is one of the best learning strategies as it has a great benefit. Always have a notebook and pen. Make notes on every single thing you listen to in the class which can be revised later. Certain concepts that seemed clear in class can appear confused while revision and at this point notes will come as backup for MBBS students.

Some of the important tips in note-making are as follows:

  • Write notes in a way that you understand. Be it in English or your native language, write according to your revision style.
  • Notes with basic diagrams are always better as it is helpful in revision.
  • Mark points or topics that appear important with any symbol for further revision.

These are the key tips that are considered highly useful for attaining success in medical college and these tips will be helpful even while pursuing higher medical studies in the best MD colleges in Mumbai and others.


Finding a way into medical college requires a lot of dedication and hard work. Following this, making success in medical college requires proper planning and determination. We hope these tips will help you in your medical education journey in the best private medical colleges in Mumbai and others.


1. Does MBBS have scope?

Yes, MBBS has a good scope in both India as well as abroad as the demand for doctors is never-ending with increasing health ailments among the global population.

2. How many hours do medical students study per day?

On average, medical students study for 4-6 hours per day to constantly complete the day-to-day syllabus taught in the classrooms.

3. Is medical college difficult?

Yes, medical college is difficult as it requires students to constantly learn new medical concepts. It will be easier if students stay attentive during the class sessions.

4. How is the college life of a medical student?

College life for medical students involves a regular routine of classroom sessions, practical sessions, internships, etc. Interested students can indulge in extra and co-curricular activities.

5. How can I be successful in medical college?

One can be successful in medical college by actively learning in the classroom, constantly studying at regular intervals and learning from practical experience.

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