The Difference Between LSZH and PVC Cables: Comparison

The Difference Between LSZH and PVC Cables: Comparison

From buildings to airplanes, cables deliver electricity and signals. LSZH and PVC are two popular cable materials. To choose the correct material for your application, you need to know the pros and cons of both materials.

What’s LSZH?

In a fire, LSZH cable material reduces hazardous gases and smoke. Burning halogens releases harmful and corrosive fumes, but LSZH wires do not. They are safer in tight spaces, public venues, and aircraft where toxic gases may be present.

What’s PVC?

PVC, a polymer utilized in many applications, includes cable insulation. Easy-to-make PVC wires are inexpensive. They generate hazardous gases and fumes when burned, making them unsuitable for high-fire zones.

LSZH vs. PVC Cables

Safety: LSZH cables burn less smoke and harmful gases, making them safer to use in tight spaces or public locations. PVC cables, however, are unsuitable.

Environmental impact: PVC cables contain dangerous halogens, however LSZH cables do not.

LSZH cables are fire-resistant. PVC cables burn, but LSZH cables self-extinguish.

Due to their simplicity and quantity of raw materials, PVC cables are cheaper than LSZH cables.

Why LSZH Cables?

PVC cables are cheaper, while LSZH cables are safer and more environmentally friendly. Fire-prone areas should use LSZH cables. LSZH cables are also better for green applications.

LSZH Compounds: Why SUNUA?

SUNUA leads the low smoke zero halogen compound market. SUNUA’s LSZH compounds have good processing, physical, mechanical, insulating, and flame retardant qualities. They self-extinguish, release no halogen acid, and meet EU RoHS and REACH standards. SGS tests SUNUA’s LSZH chemicals for heavy metals and RoHS-compliant environmental control elements like halogen. Besides, SUNUA‘s LSZH compounds can be extruded by L/D18-25 extruders, making them versatile. The melt temperature should not exceed 180 °C, and each extruder zone needs a cooling control system. Dealers can provide safe, reliable, and ecologically responsible products with SUNUA’s high-quality LSZH compounds.

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