The Benefits of Utilizing a Room Booking System

The Benefits of Utilizing a Room Booking System

The business world of today is characterized by flexibility and cooperation. In a remote office, where offices and personnel are dispersed geographically and across time zones, work is often done in a conference room, utilizing technologies like video conferencing. 

Today, however, businesses are still struggling to efficiently utilize meeting rooms. 

Room usage is almost nonexistent in most businesses.  There are many problems that the staff faces, such as:

Having one calendar that shows all the meetings, without controlling conflicts.

We have a front desk agent who handles meeting room reservations. With conflicting reservation requests, the receptionist is tasked with juggling a logistical tangle. 

A floor that is under protection has meeting rooms that are permanently reserved by people on that floor. 

There is no clear policy explaining why some staff are granted access to specific rooms and others are rejected without reason. 

There are instances when one room is occupied back to back and another is vacant. 

The impact of these problems is hard to quantify in terms of dollars and cents, but there is a negative impact on the staff in terms of frustration, animosity, and low morale.

The opportunity loss of not maximizing the use of space and resources for those who need them most is far more significant.  Let’s say you need to get on a conference call with a manufacturing partner in China to correct a design flaw. We are unable to find a room with the necessary technology to hold the conference call. The only room with the required resource is being used by a team that does not require them. 

There are several benefits to using a Meeting room booking software right off the bat. The following sections discuss some of the advantages of having a booking system to manage your meeting rooms.

Automatically eliminate conflict and double-booking

A proper room booking system will recognize and restrict users from reserving meetings in rooms that already have meetings. Pre-emptive detection and prevention eliminates the most of office operational problems involving discovering a vacated room.

Multiple booking options

The procedure of locating and booking a room is made easier and further by utilizing a room reservation system that provides multiple options for booking. Staff members who need to book rooms quickly and easily can do so by using a web-based interface is accessible from any browser, from any mobile application, or a wall-mounted display panel. Offices that use Microsoft Outlook can leverage plug-ins that make it easier to reserve space right from within Outlook.

Rights & Access Control

By implementing proper access control policies and usage rights, conference rooms such as the boardroom and conference room can be used for larger meetings using proper policy and access control. Special meeting and event venues such as halls, laboratories, and classrooms require approval of workflows prior to use. This adds structure to policies and facilitates the development of transparent and fair business practices.

Delegation of responsibility

Self-service meeting booking systems give users the ability to schedule meetings through a browser-based interface. Receptionists are no longer needed to make reservations or schedule meetings. When staff are delegated the responsibility of room reservations, coordination between the staff can result in empty conference rooms being taken over by the group.

Providing coordinated services

Staff can request additional assistance such as manpower for setup of the venue, catering, and A/V, conferencing units, and computers as part of the meeting room reservation system. The system offers a single portal for tracking all conference-related activities. Changes to meeting times and rooms are immediately transmitted to various parties, including the caterer and the resources team, eliminating the need to update each party individually. In addition to saving time and boosting the confidence of meeting requestors, it makes life easier for the resources and catering teams.

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