The 4 trendy cuts for your wig

Who says wigs aren’t trendy? The beautiful days are coming and you are looking for a skunk stripe wig in which you will feel good and up to date? We will give you all our tips and advice on how to best choose the cut of your hair prosthesis that will make you feel beautiful! We entrust you with all the latest trends and must have of this season to be on top!

I melt for a square

Easy going, glamorous, trendy and modern this haircut is ideal because it fits all and all ages. Want a graphic effect? Fall for a short bob or for a slightly plunging model. Want a more natural look? Opt for a shoulder length version degraded on the lengths and tips. Do you like curly hair? Adopt a perfect rounded version to highlight the waves.

I energize my wig with long hair

Want to change your head and wear a nice length for a wilder side? Very trendy lately, bring a little pep and take the plunge for a prosthesis with long hair. You can choose it with a nice gradient in the edges of the face, bangs or a lock on the forehead. You also have the possibility of bringing more dimensions to your cut by choosing a human hair wigs online with a tone-on-tone effect color, or some luminous reflections.

I fall for a wig with glamorous bangs

This is the good news of this season, the bangs are becoming the must have hair level! Whatever your age, whether on short hair or long hair, the bangs totally transform your cut and your face; moreover it makes it possible to hide any risk of possible demarcation mark of your wig at the level of your forehead. But for the skeptics of the fringe, you can opt for a cinema film (transparent tulle) which brings a maximum level of discretion for a zero demarcation effect! The bangs have magical powers, if you want to refine your oval, go for a version slightly longer on the sides. For a very trendy effect, adopt a model with straight and short bangs. Finally to boost the intensity of your gaze, adopt for along and thick bangs for a little more mysterious side!

And the turban?

This year, the turban is everywhere and on everyone’s head! More than trendy accessory, this one is in order this summer! It’s the winning combo, combining modernity, comfort and freshness, the turban has more than one trick up its sleeve to make you feel elegant and up to date no matter what. In addition, you also have the possibility to slip bangs in addition to your turban for even more style and discretion.

My wig and winter: how to protect yourself from bad weather?

Summer is over and the new school year has just started. The sun is starting to disappear and the rain and wind are often agitated lately. Autumn is making a comeback. After reading about the 4 trendy cuts, you do not know how to have the trendy wig for this winter or even protect yourself against the elements?

My wig and the weather

Don’t worry; your wig won’t fly off easily when it’s a little windy. The type 4c hairline wig is designed so that it does not move on the head thanks to the elastic sewn on the cap all around the hair. It is adjustable which allows you to adjust the size of your head. We find on some wigs instead of the elastic, scratches that allow bettering fixing the hair prosthesis.

When bad weather arrives, do you wonder if your wig will last all day? For this, we advise you to use the conditioner spray which will protect your hair from UV rays and pollution. Use it daily for a flawless wig:  Synthetic Hair Spray and Natural Hair Spray.

The choice of the cup size is important because it allows you to best adapt your head circumference size. This will therefore strengthen the maintenance of the wig to prevent it from flying away. There are different sizes on many wigs. To find out your size, it’s simple, you just need a meter that you put all around your head. I invite you to discover our size guide for more details.

Other alternatives

If you don’t want to ruin your wig in the snow and rain, there are beanies, caps and turbans with several colors and patterns to please everyone and match every style. They are available in several materials such as cashmere or wool to warm you up this winter.

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