Techking: Unveiling the Power of Earth Mover Tires

When it comes to earth mover tires, one name stands out: Techking. Among their impressive lineup, the SUPER ADT tire steals the spotlight. These tires aren’t just rugged; they redefine durability and performance for the mining and construction industry.

Customized Compound Solutions for Different Conditions

Techking’s SUPER ADT offers a tailored solution for every road condition. In the realm of soft road conditions, the CS compound shines, ensuring superior grip and traction. For rocky terrains that challenge even the toughest tires, the C1 compound steps up, providing resilience and longevity. When the road conditions turn extreme, the C2 compound takes the lead, tackling the harshest environments with ease.

Service Life Improvement

Performance matters, but so does longevity. SUPER ADT boasts a remarkable 30% service life improvement, ensuring your investment goes a long way. With an 11% wider tread section and a 17% deeper original tread depth, these tires offer exceptional wear resistance, keeping your machines rolling longer.

Performance Guarantee

Not only does Techking promise, but he delivers. SUPER ADT comes with a performance guarantee that assures reliability in the most demanding applications. No matter what the circumstances, these tires provide the traction and durability needed to keep your projects on track.


Techking’s SUPER ADT earth mover tires redefine what’s possible in the industry. With customized compound solutions, extended service life, and a performance guarantee, they are the choice of top construction machinery manufacturers and mining giants. When you need tires that can handle the toughest conditions, turn to Techking’s earth mover tires.

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