Significance Of Couples Drug Rehab 

Significance Of Couples Drug Rehab 

Have you ever searched for couples drug rehab? Do you know that every couple wishes to live a happy and carefree life together? You can be challenged to get sober life but challenging to escape from drug-abusing substances is difficult. It becomes difficult at the time when any one of the partners is actively abusing substances. As a result, you can choose to seek treatment together if both the parties equally commit to recovery. If couples undergo treatment together, it can have additional support throughout the recovery process as both of you will see each other’s struggle.

Behavioural Couples Therapy 

A form of behaviour therapy or treatment that is based on assumptions of both the individual and the partners seeking recovery from alcohol or drugs. The primary goal or function of Behavioural Couples Therapy (BCT) is to develop positivity in the couple. It helps to increase positive attitude, commitment and emotions in their relationships by helping the individual to develop a sober lifestyle. It also helps to develop communication skills by resolving conflicts and problems and helping to develop motivation among themselves.

Couples drug rehab is different from individual rehab as it deals with the recovery of addiction along with healing your relationship.  This also includes treating the mental health disorders any of the partners in a couple may have along with addiction using the best dual diagnosis treatment programs. You can attend many treatment centres together that help to treat couples. Inpatient treatment centres help couples struggling with addiction by offering rooms and allowing them to participate in social activities together. Outpatient treatment centres allow you to take care of your family by staying in your own home and if you wish you can join a rehab centre.

Getting to know and addressing the damage that has affected the couples is the main aim of couple’s rehab. You will find many symptoms that are related to substance abuse, but the main thing that staff of couples rehab should deal with is the impaired functioning of the mind and body. Professional staff should know and understand the content or structure of the couple’s recovery that they had undergone or are undergoing through the process. You have many requisites to deal with the clients or change the behaviour of the affected clients. The “12-step program” is a recovery tool or ideology to deal with the clients.

With the passing of days, you have seen the substance abuse issue increasing around the world. As a result, it has become very important for everyone to find an adequate solution and build a healthy nation. Many health organizations or NGOs 

fight against couples to deal with this serious issue with methods such as psychotherapeutic and medicinal treatment, dealing with the effects of some drugs such as tobacco, cocaine, alcohol etc. Various reasons such as psychological, physical, financial, and legal problems lead an individual to have a constant intake of drugs. 

Various medicines and many other behavioural treatments are given for addiction recovery. The medicines that are prescribed by the doctors are methadone and buprenorphine. Various behavioural treatments includes Multidimensional Family Therapy, Motivational Incentives Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Motivational Interviewing etc.

A couple and drug addiction

Abusing substances by both members of the couple is a common thing in partnerships. Abusing substances damages the relationship and creates trouble between them. Several couples drug rehab centres have been developed where both the members of the couple can attend together to get help. Attending a recovery centre together works in the case of a strong relationship and results in equally committed to recovery. One key factor that changes and helps you to recover from addiction is motivation. Motivation enables you to recover from substance abuse and is considered to be one of the vital elements in treatment. Motivation mainly works in the case of couples visiting rehabilitation centres together as members of the couple can support and motivate each other.

One of the significant stressors that affect the physical and mental health or the overall condition of relationships is abusing toxic substances such as drugs or alcohol. Abusing such toxic substances leads to overall damage by leading to poor functioning both inside and outside of the relationship. It increases your level of stress and several other issues that may impact your life negatively. You cannot achieve a simple and sober life by struggling with substance use disorders. Even married partners fight after taking alcohol or drugs which hence leads to ever-increasing emotional distance. As a result, it leads to a cycle of consuming such substances more by one or both the members of the couple. They think that continuing to use such substances may decrease their level of anxiety and help them escape from their problems. Some of the problems that couples may experience with substance use disorder are:

  1. Abusing substances may result in arguments between them or may result in problems such as money, avoiding responsibilities or staying out late at night.
  2. It may result in a change of behaviour such as covering for a partner or finding excuses for them. 
  3. You may feel that you or your loved one must use drugs or alcohol for stress relief which may also lead to domestic violence. 
  4. You or your partner may feel that it is necessary to consume substances to be intimate or affectionate. 
  5. It may increase isolation from your friends or family.

Steps followed in couples drug rehab centre 

  1. Patient assessment: It is the first step that is used in rehab centres for recovery. The newly admitted couples undergo an individualized treatment plan by medical and psychiatric evaluation. It helps the professional staff to understand what level of care is needed and which path of treatment is required. 
  2. Addiction treatment: Couples drug rehab undergoes many therapy-based programs and behavioural treatment. They are also provided with individual counselling which may take place in inpatient or outpatient settings.
  3. Aftercare program: This step is followed after couples continue to complete the steps above. They develop an aftercare program in which they continue working with a therapist. The aftercare program includes maintaining recovery and achieving a life with a sense of belonging and purpose. After they are discharged from the rehab centre, it is very much essential that family or their relatives behave properly with those clients and embrace their lifestyle.

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