Saftty Offers The Best Thermal Protection For Battery Packs

One of the most important parts of many devices is the thermal protection switch. Moreover, because battery packs have a higher risk of overheating, manufacturers make sure to include premium thermal protection switches in them. For more information on this useful feature, keep reading!

How does a thermal protector work for battery packs?

An electromechanical device called a thermal switch responds to temperature variations by opening and shutting contacts to regulate the flow of electrical current. The fixed set point temperature for the thermal overheat protector switches, on the other hand, is predetermined at the factory and cannot be altered.

The bimetal bends and deforms as the temperature increases because the active and passive layers have different expansion coefficients. When the temperature rises, the bimetal’s shape will return, resulting in a switch that closes and opens in reaction to temperature changes.

Advantages of Saftty Thermal Protection

Since overheating is common, the snap-action thermal switch reacts quickly to prevent fire or damage to the battery pack.

Battery packs benefit greatly from a thermal protection switch due to its small size, compact design and easy integration into any device.

Saftty thermal protection has high thermal conductivity and temperature sensitivity. Battery packs with thermal protection switches allow for maximum design flexibility and application due to their maximum heat transfer and temperature sensitivity.


Saftty is the preferred supplier of thermal protection switches to more than 30 nations globally. We offer our clients’ clients’ clients and their clients’ clients top-notch product safety solutions. Additionally, you can pick the greatest thermal overload protector from a variety that has been produced by our research and development team.

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