Reliable AMR Manufacturer: ForwardX

As the first, most professional, and dedicated provider of automated picking solutions in China, ForwardX robotics produces technologically advanced and reliable AMRs and has also built the world’s leading universal software platform for mobile robots. The platform is based on ForwardX’s self-developed “deep learning-based robot perception and decision-making” platform, making it the world’s leading company with AMRs. It forms a unique technological barrier and supports scale implementation in different industries and scenarios across logistics and manufacturing industries worldwide.

Competition between AGVs and AMRs: Why are AMRs preferred?

Autonomous Mobile Robots’ motion decisions are made by the robot itself, not by others. It does not need external servers or QR codes to help guide it; it adapts to environmental changes.

ForwardX hopes to provide a good machine effect on AMRs so that the robot can make autonomous decisions, adapt to the environment and help deliver goods in various environments without QR codes or major changes to the environment and without putting servers in the warehouse, which is the core point of ForwardX’s autonomous mobile robot technology.

Cloud-based AMRs managing platform integrated.

At the same time, not only do they have high-quality AMR robots, but ForwardX also provides a cloud service platform, which provides the basis for clusters, especially robot clusters, to collaborate. It also provides digital signage for warehouse operators and those who care about warehouse operations so that they can visually see the efficiency of AMRs and people in the warehouse, whether there are any mistakes, whether there are any problems, and whether they can achieve the end-consumer needs well.

Such a digital data-centric, software-centric, fully integrated robotics and digital technology is the core of ForwardX‘s high-end warehouse efficiency improvement solution.

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