Registration instructions New88 The Simplest For New Players

Registration instructions New88 The Simplest For New Players

Want to participate in betting games at the bookmaker New88, you will need to own a member account. But new players often don’t know how register New88 exactly, so sometimes it will be difficult to do this. Actually this is not too complicated. Follow the article content below New888 To perform operations as quickly and accurately as possible.

Brief introduction to the game registration portal New88

New88 is one of the extremely famous game portals in many countries around the world. In recent times, New88 has appeared in Vietnam and has attracted many players.

Although this bookmaker only appeared in 2019, with only a few short years of operation, New88 has built an extremely strong system, as well as a trustworthy brand and gained a lot of sympathy from long-time players. So the game portal New88 is being evaluated to quickly enter the list of the most famous online betting game portals today.

Instructions for registration steps New88 most detailed

How to register an account is also very simple and easy, the process is not too complicated. Specifically, you will have to follow the following steps:

Access the bookmaker’s website address New88

Players will have to access the game portal application New88 right on your mobile device. Or click directly on the house’s website New88 to perform. Here, please click “Register” or “Register to get 50k”.

Fill in all information as required for registration New88 from the system

You will have to fill in all information as requested by the system. Specifically, the items you will enter that need to be accurate include:

  • Username: Needs at least 6 characters and must be as simple and easy to remember as possible.
  • Password/Confirm password: You will need to make sure you have all lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers and some special characters to increase the strength of your account. This will help you not worry too much about security issues, losing your account or being hacked due to unexpected incidents.

Check your registration information for accuracy once again New88

Once you have entered all the information, you will need to check it again before completing. For computers, you will press the Enter button to complete. In case of using the phone application, you will just need to click OK and you’re done. So you can now own an account for yourself.

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Enter your phone number so you can verify and activate your subscription New88

The next step you will need to take is registering the dealer New88 is phone number verification. An account will only be maximally secure if a phone number has been activated. Therefore, you will need to follow this step to ensure the safety of your account and receive 52,000 VND to your game account.

To add, just click on the “Activate to receive 2000 VND” section and immediately click on the “Activate phone number” section. Enter your phone number accurately and completely fill in the code that was sent. Finally, text me New88 according to the instructed syntax.

Complete registration New88 and join the game

After completing the above operations, you have become a member of the game portal. Using this account you can participate in all games at this playground. Many events as well as important tournaments of great value are waiting for you to participate.

Instructions for recovering your account if you forget your password after registering New88

If you follow the registration instructions correctly New88 Above, if you forget your password, you can retrieve it very easily and simply. Please follow the detailed and simple steps below.

Use the owner’s phone number that you used to register then call the game portal’s hotline number New88 to be able to retrieve a new password, then continue to access and play the game.

If the phone number you previously registered with is no longer usable, use another number to call and answer questions from the house’s customer service staff to verify your identity to receive your password.

If your owner’s number is correct, it won’t take too much time to complete. You can retrieve your password immediately and can access normally. If you encounter any difficulties or have any questions that need to be answered, please call the support department immediately to be able to resolve it immediately, the department is always open 24/7 to be able to meet all customer needs. .

Above are the most detailed instructions for you to register New88 to shared. Please remember the above steps carefully to avoid any trouble in registering. Wishing you all have a fun time playing games with the dealer New88. Please follow our homepage New88 to follow the latest information.

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