Off-Grid Solar Power systems are worth paying for. See how?

An Off-grid photovoltaic installation is primarily independent of the public grid. It can be installed, for example, on a plot where there is no power connection at all and enjoy your own electricity. We often see small solar panels by the road to power sign lighting or solar street lamps. These are Off-Grid installations. The principle of operation is more complicated than in on-grid installations. The installation consists of photovoltaic panels, an inverter and batteries. On the day when the sun produces energy, it is converted into electricity that charges the batteries. The energy stored in the batteries is converted by the inverter into alternate current, which can be used to power the devices.

The limitations of the Off-Grid Solar power systems

The advantage of this system is independence from external power supplies. You can also control energy consumption more easily. You can also use the stored energy at night. The only limitation of this solution is the higher cost due to the inclusion of the solar battery. Both the Solar inverter and the batteries significantly increase the cost of the installation. The disadvantage is also the life of the battery, which must be replaced after about 8 to 12 years. Batteries also take up space and need good ventilation. For these reasons, off-grid solar systems are used less frequently. They paid off in situations where there were no legal regulations eliminating the shortcomings of on-grid installations. At the moment, they are mainly installed in cases where independence from the public grid is required, and they are also used as an emergency power supply in the event of a power outage.

Are Off Grid solar systems really that bad?

It’s the half of the reality about the off grid solar systems. Actually because of the independent systems, you are the boss of your own electricity generated by your solar power system. Off-Grid systems are costly but due to the FIT and savings on electricity bills, the ROI can be reached much faster. The main difference between the on-grid and off-grid solar power systems is the solar battery storage. If you take the solar battery storage from the well established brand and solar battery manufacturers like Loom Solar then you can get the solar products on the very cost effective prices. Loom Solar is the only brand that offers the best product at so much less battery price in India

How Off Grid solar power system is beneficial?

Solar battery storage with the branding of Loom Solar will worth your investment. You can generate electricity in order to run all the appliances at your home or offices perhaps, if you are generating the excess electricity then you can send it to the grid on the highest Feed-In Tariff plans or sell the electricity to the other mains grid members at the suitable price. Producing the electricity daily with the Off grid solar panels, will reduce your electricity bills up to 80% and as soon as it crosses your ROI, Return on Investment, then it will earn you a lot of money. It is one time investment and then you are good to save on electricity bills.

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