Most Popular TikTok Downloaders Online Without Watermark

One of the most frequently asked questions is how to download TikTok videos without watermark without app.

TikTok is one of the most popular social media apps, and other platforms like Facebook and YouTube are also trying to launch similar apps. TikTok allows users to record 60-second videos with some handy editing tools in its interface.

TikTok is one of the most downloaded apps on Google Play Store and App Store. There are many reasons people want to look for TikTok downloader online watermark-free such as the fact that they are very useful and often addictive.

How Do TikTok Downloaders Work?

  1. Tikmate is a great TikTok downloader as it works on all platforms like web browsers, Android and iOS. You can download any TikTok song or video in HD without any watermark.

There is only one task that you may have to do if you are an iOS user, you need to download the Documents by Readle app from the app store, then copy and paste the video link directly from the TikTok app and launch the app. Use Readle.

Then you will see a browser icon on bottom click and it will redirect you to Tikmate website and here you can paste the link and your video will be downloaded instantly.

Ppptik is a user-friendly online tool designed for download TikTok videos without watermark. This platform allows users to easily copy the video link from TikTok and paste it onto the website to initiate the download process.

The website’s simple and intuitive interface makes it accessible for all users, regardless of their technical skills.

One of the key features of is its ability to maintain the original quality of the video, ensuring that users can enjoy high-quality content without any compromise. Additionally, the website is free to use, making it a popular choice among TikTok enthusiasts who want to save their favorite videos for offline viewing.


Note the following steps:

  • Step 1: Open the TikTok app, select the video you want to download, click the Share button and click Copy link. If you are doing it on PC, just copy the link from the address bar.
  • Step 2: One of the TikTok downloaders without watermark is Click and paste the video link into the search box.

  • Step 3: Next, make sure that you have unchecked the “Videos with watermark” setting. Click Download. Your TikTok video will be saved without watermark.
  • SnapTik is claimed to be the best TikTok downloader without watermark. The best part of this app is the interface that doesn’t require you to download any apps or put money into the app to download TikTok videos.

All it takes is a browser and the link of the video you want to download. Put the video link in the search box and let the app do its magic with watermark-free videos

4. ExpertPHP

ExpertPHP is an TikTok downloader online compatible with all browsers and social media platforms. One can download not only TikTok songs and videos but also other stories and videos from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo and similar apps.

You don’t need to download any apps, just browse the website and paste the video link to start your favorite video.

5. TTDownloader

TTdownloader is another TikTok downloader that can download any video on TikTok with a simple link. You can download TikTok videos without watermark just by pasting the link on the website and other sites will process your video.

The best part of this web app is that it’s as easy as making coffee, you just need the correct URL to browse the website and the rest will be done by the tool itself.

6. SaveTik is a great app to download TikTok videos in high quality format without watermark. It doesn’t matter what operating system you are using, be it Linux or iOS, you just need to have a browser on your device and can download any TikTok video with a simple link.

The process is the same as any TikTok downloader online, just copy and paste the link into the browser window and let the app do the magic for you. 

Savetik also allows you to split and download mp3 music from TikTok clips

7. TTDdown

TTDown is a TikTok downloader on pc with great interface and conversion tools. You can download videos and convert them to any format compatible with this tool. Copy the link of your favorite video

Copy the link of your favorite video from the TikTok app and paste it in your browser and the video will be saved on your phone.

8. TikTok Downloader (Chrome Plugin)

TikTok Downloader is like any other video downloader but it has some differences as it is a chrome extension that will only work if you have it installed chrome on my PC. The best part about this extension is that it will show you the option to download all videos at once if you are browsing the TikTok dashboard or any of the video creator profiles on TikTok.

Although there are certain limitations for this TikTok downloader when you use your PC to watch and download TikTok videos, this extension is your best friend, you can get many TikTok videos one way. fast if you have high speed internet.

Where are TikTok videos stored once they are downloaded?

As noted, after you download TikTok on your phone, it will go to your gallery or local storage on your phone. If you download a TikTok video to your computer, it will be saved in the Downloads section of your PC.

How to get TikTok video link?

Getting a TikTok Video link is pretty easy. Select the video from which you want to get the link > click the Share button > tap the Copy link option. The TikTok video link will be copied to the clipboard and you can paste it wherever needed. On PC, all you have to do is search for the TikTok video and copy the link from the search bar.

How to save/download TikTok videos without watermark?

We understand that TikTok watermarks can be annoying, especially when they hide part of the frame and keep moving. Don’t worry, there is a way to download TikTok videos without watermark. There is no direct method to download TikTok videos without watermark, but you can do it on online TikTok downloaders.


Now your search for Downloading TikTok videos is solved as you have some best free TikTok downloaders to download TikTok videos online without watermark.

The TikTok downloader app is sometimes frustrating because it requires setup and other logins, but the tools and apps listed in the guide are all very useful and easy to follow. You should try one of these tools and let us know in the comments the best part about this tool you like.

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