Maxge’s EPB-63Se Series Miniature Circuit Breaker: Reliable Protection for Commercial and Industrial Applications

An dependable option for commercial and industrial applications is the EPB-63Se Series Miniature Circuit Breaker, introduced by the well-known firm Maxge. By highlighting their adaptability to various settings, this article explores the key benefits and characteristics of Maxge’s MCB circuit breakers.

Overview of EPB-63Se Series Miniature Circuit Breaker

  1. Suitable for Various Applications

Maxge’s EPB-63Se Series is designed to meet the power distribution needs of commercial office buildings, residential buildings, and general industrial purposes. With a rating of AC 50Hz, voltage up to 400V, and current up to 63A, it offers versatile usage for diverse electrical systems.

  1. Reliable Overload and Short-Circuit Protection

The EPB-63Se Series ensures essential protection against overloads and short circuits. By promptly disconnecting the circuit in case of electrical faults, it safeguards both the electrical system and connected equipment, minimizing potential damage and ensuring safety.

Key Features of EPB-63Se Series Miniature Circuit Breaker

  1. Modular Design

Featuring an exquisite and aesthetically pleasing appearance, the EPB-63Se Series adds a touch of elegance to electrical installations. Its modular design facilitates easy installation and maintenance, streamlining the overall process.

  1. Reliable Performance

With a high breaking capacity, the EPB-63Se Series MCB circuit breaker offers efficient circuit protection. It can reliably handle varying loads and deliver consistent performance across diverse applications, ensuring the smooth operation of electrical systems.


Maxge’s EPB-63Se Series Miniature Circuit Breaker is a dependable choice for safeguarding commercial and industrial applications. With its versatility, essential overload and short-circuit protection, meticulously crafted modular design, and consistent performance, it stands as an ideal solution for ensuring the safety and efficiency of electrical systems. Select the EPB-63Se Series MCB circuit breaker from Maxge for dependable circuit protection in your commercial and industrial applications.

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