Mastering the Elements: Light Sky’s IP65 Moving Head Spotlight

Light Sky proudly presents its moving head IP65, a groundbreaking luminaire designed to conquer the challenges of outdoor stage lighting. With its exceptional features, including a powerful 880W white LED module, high-precision optics, versatile effects, and robust IP65 rating, this moving head spotlight is poised to revolutionize outdoor performances.

Unleashing Brilliance Outdoors

Light Sky’s IP65 Moving Head Spotlight pushes the boundaries of outdoor stage lighting, delivering brilliance even in challenging environments. Equipped with an 880W white LED module, this luminaire provides powerful and immersive illumination, ensuring that every performance stands out against the backdrop of the great outdoors.

High-Precision Optics for Unparalleled Performance

The moving head IP65 incorporates a high-precision optical system, featuring a 180mm front lens diameter and a zoom angle ranging from 5.5° to 52°. This ensures precise and customizable beam control, allowing lighting designers to create captivating effects and accurately highlight performers and stage elements. With its exceptional luminance of 27,700lux at 10 meters, this luminaire guarantees powerful and impactful illumination over long distances.

Built to Withstand the Elements

The IP65 rating of Light Sky’s Moving Head Spotlight ensures its resilience against dust, water, and other outdoor elements. Constructed with robust engineering plastic and equipped with intelligent temperature control, this luminaire maintains optimal performance and extends the lifespan of its LED module. Whether it’s for open-air concerts, festivals, or large-scale events, this moving head spotlight is built to endure and deliver unmatched lighting quality in any outdoor setting.


Light Sky’s IP65 Moving Head Spotlight is a game-changer in outdoor stage lighting, combining exceptional performance, durability, and versatility. With its powerful LED module, precise optics, versatile effects, and robust IP65 rating, this luminaire empowers lighting designers to create breathtaking outdoor performances that captivate audiences. Whether it’s illuminating music festivals, theatrical productions, or large-scale events, Light Sky’s IP65 Moving Head Spotlight is the ultimate tool for mastering the elements and delivering unforgettable visual experiences.

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