Making Good Looking Insta Stories

Making Good Looking Insta Stories

Stats show that the maximum audience on Instagram, views stories more than posts. Hence this is the best place to upload content to get noticed. Moreover even people who do not follow you can still see your stories. Hence putting up your best content and offers on stories helps it get noticed better. but just putting up a story is not enough. In order to get a noticeable amount of attention you need to put in creative and thought into your stories. Here are some tips to get your story game on point and gain more followers:

  1. Be consistent and creative: You can’t establish authenticity when you are not consistent. It does not have to be perfect to stand out. In order for your stories to capture attention, you need to focus on ideas that can make your story look great. For example simply add color over your story image and then erase that color creating a swatch pattern that looks amazing. You can even use this trick while creating background for your texts. Get your brain cells to create amazing patterns and designs. Posting consistently helps you create a brand name and even helps your audience connect to you better.
  1. Use Instagram story design apps: Instagram surely offers you certain amazing tools to edit and design your stories. But these are limited, in order to get more features and tools to make your story aesthetics look perfect you can even use Instagram story designing apps like Instazoom. These apps have a number of filters and themes that you can add to your story to help it look amazing. You can even get access to more stickers and gifs. These applications have transition effects and color pallets that help enhance the graphics of your story.
  1. Use Instagram story design templates: Templates help enhance our story. It provides your story a background and border to help it look more defined. Now you can either use the templates provided by Instagram or then use templates designed by professionals, and added to different Instagram story editing apps. You can even create your own Instagram templates by using different tools offered by Instagram and its image layering feature. Templates help make your story look more defined and creative; it instantly catches the eye of the viewer.
  1. Be careful of the dimensions and lines: At times we do not lay emphasis on the dimensions. The biggest drawback of a story is that parts of the story are hidden behind the story details. Resizing an image is hence important. if you do not resize the image chances are that your username and story details by Instagram covers parts of your story. Be careful to look at the margins between your image or text and the boundary of the screen. Using square fit or the border helps avoid this mistake. Staying within the lines is just like not coloring beyond the outline.
  1. Play with font: Certain stories only have text content. Now of course you can add a background or template to enhance your content. But in order to make your text noticeable, you are required to add in a great and unique font. Instagram offers various font designs to help enhance the overall look of your text and spice to it. Other than that you can use additional font styles from various apps. Font reflects the mood of your statement and hence helps users understand it better. As it is who would be interested in reading Arial font of a particular size.

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