List of PCB and PCBA manufacturers in China

If you lean toward the casual shopper, it can be difficult to find the exact manufacturing partner that meets your expectations. While a little internet prodding will bring up options that are close, many times you need to expand your search. Since it can be difficult to come to a well-informed decision on your next PCB purchase, Fs-Tech has gathered the most reputable PCB manufacturing and board assembly service providers in China.


FS TECH was founded in 2004 and is based in GuangDong’s Shenzhen. They excel at PCB manufacturing, PCB component acquisition, PCB assembly, testing and quality control, as well as finished product assembly services as a contract manufacturer of electronics. They integrate cutting-edge testing and production tools, create novel technologies, and put complete quality control and environmental management into action.


PCBWay is a Chinese PCB and PCBA manufacturer, specializing in high-quality products. It offers fast prototyping, low prices and excellent customer service. It has grown to become one of the main producers of printed circuit boards, which are deployed in a variety of markets, including communications, medical devices, automobiles and so forth.

A-Tech Circuits

They offer custom electronics assembly services, including PCB fabrication and PCB assembly. They are also a PCB design & quote service provider. Their company is located in Shenzhen, where the largest industrial base for electronics manufacturing lies. They are ISO 9001:2008 certified and offer a full range of quality assurance services to ensure that our products meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

Hitech Circuits Co., Ltd

Based in Shenzhen, China, Hitech Circuits Co., Ltd is a provider of PCB and PCBA manufacturing services. Over 500 people work for this company, which has been around for more than 20 years and has received the ISO 9001-2008 certification. They offer a range of services, including design for manufacturing (DFM), printed circuit board assembly (PCBA), front-end engineering and design (FEED), mechanical design, material testing, and product testing.

Moko Technology

Moko Technology is a PCB and PCBA manufacturer based in China. They focus on advanced technology, with their core competency being the development and production of high-quality solutions for the electronics industry. Moko Technology offers a wide range of services, including:

  • Printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing
  • BGA SMT automated placement technology
  • Production of surface-mounted devices (SMDs)

Agile Circuit

Agile Circuit is a PCB manufacturer based in Guangdong, China. They are experts in the design and production of numerous varieties of printed circuit boards, like multilayer PCBs and others. They offer standard fab services as well as high-density surface mount (HDMSM) technology.

HuanYu Future Technologies

The headquarters of HuanYu Future Technologies are in Guangzhou. One of the biggest national high-tech PCB manufacturing companies in China is this one. Its technologies are extensively used in rising industries such as wireless communication devices, computers, industrial automation, power systems, home appliances, vehicles, diagnostic implants, aviation, and safety devices.


The headquarters of PCB May are in China’s Shenzhen’s Guangming District. The business provides dependable PCB manufacturing and assembly services for a fair price. The company focuses on producing and assembling HDI PCBs, advanced PCBs, and standard PCBs.

They have 500 employees, 35 SMT lines, and engineers with SMT expertise. The business serves the technology sector throughout Europe and other parts of the world.


Technology is driving the modern world, but it’s a global industry. There are many PCB and PCBA manufacturers in China. Also, these smaller companies typically do not have well-developed sales departments. If you require a significant volume of boards, then you may want to obtain a list of reliable PCB and/or PCBA manufacturers.

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