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Basic card playing rules are regulations related to the process of members participating in gambling. Therefore, any player who wants to participate in the game needs to learn and understand these regulations. The rules of Chan game are relatively simple, so you don’t need to worry too much. In today’s content,Trang Chủ Jun88 will explain the rules and how to participate in gambling.

Learn briefly about the Chan card game

Brief introduction to the card game Chan

Bai Chan is a card line developed from To Tom. Therefore, this can be considered another version of Shrimp’s Nest. There will be two types of shields, the first type is called the fourth shield and the fifth shield. Chan qua qua is the case of 4 members participating in the game and secret thu is the case of 5 members participating in the game.

The difference from Shrimp’s Nest is about Basic rules of Chan card game. Of the 120 troops, only about 100 will be used and the remaining 20 will be discarded. The discarded pieces include Nhat Sach, Nhat Van, Lao, Thang, and Nhat Van. In this game, the pieces will be distinguished by images and words. Members will rely on the image on the face and the words at the beginning of each piece to differentiate.

The troops will be divided into two sides. The right side will include 8 words: two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and chi. The left side will include 3 words: ten thousand, literature and book. To help new recruits easily remember, these characters have been converted into a short saying. This saying is “thousands of squares, criss-crossed writing, and messy books”.

The explanation for this saying is that the ten thousand pieces will be marked with squares, the military pieces will be diagonally shaped, and the military pieces will have slightly jagged characters.

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Everyone must understand the basic rules of playing Chan card game

Popular the Basic game rules for newbie

Any member who wants to participate in playing Chan, the first thing they need to learn is about Basic rules of Chan card game. Because it is a basic law, you will need to learn about 2 contents. First, it is about the number of members and the number of leaves for each person. Second, it’s about how to organize the cards during play.

As shared, this game is relatively simple so there are certain rules Basic rules of Chan card game I won’t make things difficult for you either. The following is a detailed summary of these rules.

Number of participating members and number of cards

Firstly,Jun88 will introduce Basic rules of Chan card game related to participating members. As mentioned, this game includes two forms: block four secrets and block five secrets. Therefore, there will be 2 forms of play: 4 members and 5 members.

The most popular form of playing today is blocking four secrets. For this form of play, each member will own 19 pieces. The remaining number of troops will be placed in the central position and is called the Venom.

Basic rules of Chan card game – How to deal cards

The troops will be divided into 5 parts. According to Basic rules of Chan card game Then after dividing there will be about 5 cards left over. Please take these 5 pieces and combine them with any piece from the Venom section. Next, 1 card from the Venom part will be randomly drawn and combined with 1 of the remaining 4 parts to form a card position.

Instructions for playing Chan for beginners

Basic rules of playing Chan card game – Popularize how to play for new players

Gamewill start by choosing the first member to play and the position of the cards. There will be 4 participants corresponding to positions 1, 2, 3, 4. The divided parts will be arranged and numbered from left to right. Thus, members 2 and 4 will have diagonal positions.

Member number 2 will proceed to pick the card and get seven thousand cards. Counting from B as 1, D will be 7. Thus, the card will belong to part D. The remaining members will take the cards around the card. . The main card will belong to member 1, the next part will belong to member number 2, and the left part will belong to member number 3.Basic rules of playing Chan card game clearly shows you can apply the following moves:

  • Lead door: From left to right, this is the door for members who have priority to eat.
  • Picking venom: The member will choose any 1 card belonging to the Venom section, then turn it over and place it on the lead door.
  • Eat: The member will combine the 2 pieces above and below to form Ca or Chan.
  • – U: In case all pieces are combined with any piece from Noc to form 10 sets of Ca or Chan.

Above is the entire detailed sharing of the content Basic rules of Chan card game. If you are a rookie who wants to participate, you need to clearly understand the above content. Wish you good luck and win when participating in experiential betting.

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