Is It Possible To Know If An SEO Agency Is Trying To Scam You?

In this ever-evolving digital age where technology rapidly evolves, it can feel overwhelming trying to keep up with each new innovation. Not only that, but it is becoming increasingly more difficult to spot the con artists – especially when the rise of AI is enabling every man and his dog to become an “overnight expert”.

With that in mind, is it possible to know if an SEO agency is trying to scam you? Read on and let’s find out.

How to spot a scammer in SEO?

The good news is that most people out there have your best interests at heart and just want to make an honest living. The bad news is that just because an SEO agency might not be trying to scam you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are actually capable of delivering the desired results.

So, the real question should be: “how to spot a reputable SEO agency that has the ability to deliver superior results?”

Once you figure that out you’ll never need to worry about being scammed – because you’ll only ever attract real talent.

But first, here are some warning signs that you might be dealing with a bad SEO agency

1. They offer guarantees

Again, not every SEO agency that offers “guarantees” is necessarily a con artist; they might just be desperate to sign up new clients and prove their abilities. In any case, it isn’t your job to give them an opportunity.

The fact is, no reputable and truly capable expert SEO agency will ever guarantee anything.

  1. A) Because there are no guarantees in online marketing.
  2. B) Because they won’t need to guarantee anything when their reputation does the talking.

2. They are significantly cheaper than the average SEO agency

There’s no such thing as cheap SEO. The time and resources required to pull off a truly successful SEO campaign is significant and cannot be bought for “cheap”.

The same applies with backlinks; if some “expert” approaches you and offers thousands of “high-quality” backlinks for a few hundred bucks it’s a scam.

No capable SEO agency can afford to offer their services for cheap – nor should they. When they are consistently delivering amazing results to their clients and they are achieving a high ROI, their prices will reflect that.

3. You can’t find much information about them online

If a prospective SEO agency has little to no online presence, then you must run for the hills! How can an SEO agency possibly achieve game-changing results for you if they don’t even appear in a basic Google search?

No online presence means one of two things:

  • They are inexperienced.
  • They are scammers.

How to spot the truly capable SEO agencies who can take your business to the next level?

If you want to avoid the scammers and the noobs and get straight to hiring a capable SEO agency that can help you crush your competition, the process is incredibly simple. Here’s what you need to look out for:

  • Overwhelming social proof.
  • Lots of real-life case studies from recognisable brands.

Take this SEO in Texas as the perfect example: they’ve got hundreds and hundreds of 5* reviews and a tonne of real-life case studies. In this case, you don’t have to take any unnecessary risks; the proof is in the pudding.

This is without question the simplest way to avoid being scammed. If you come across an agency and they do not have much social proof and they refuse to offer you any case studies, then move onto the next company.

It’s that easy.

Sure, a decent SEO agency might not have an overwhelming amount of reviews because they are a relatively young agency, however, there’s only one reason not to offer case studies: because they haven’t achieved anything worth showing off to their prospective clients.

Conclusion: Hold your SEO agency to the highest standard

When choosing a prospective SEO agency, remember that you will be entrusting your brand reputation and the future of your business to them. As such, you should hold them to the highest possible standard and settle for nothing less than the best.

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