HR Tech How is it Transforming Human Resources

HR Tech How is it Transforming Human Resources

The way technology is changing certain aspects of our lives, it’s not surprising that human resources are feeling the change too. From communication to employee performance, there’s nearly no aspect of human resources, which is left untouched by technology. The integration of technology in human resources is making the function better. Let’s see a few areas that are feeling the impact of technology.


Believe it or not, organization-wide communication has become more seamless than before. Enterprises and small and medium businesses have moved from long email threads to instant messaging and real-time collaboration, this has significantly increased the rate of project completion. Projects which would earlier stall due to miscommunication or lag in communication can now be done promptly. Tools like Slack, Intercom, Zoom, Flock, Microsoft Teams, and more make it easier to nudge into action as and when we need it. These tools are the foundation of HR technology and enablers of growth.

Earlier each team member had to scroll through an entire trail of emails to get the list of the situation. Now the status of the project, however, is immediately seen as and when one enters a project. Now managers or project leaders don’t need to send an email to the entire list of team members, they can simply update group chat and call for a meeting whenever they want.

Employee performance

The performance of an employee can be assessed on a few parameters. Earlier the process of analyzing employee data was tedious. HR officers had to coordinate with managers to collect data, then analyze it, to find out how each employee is doing in the organization.

With technology, this entire process has been reduced to a few clicks. This is obviously great as it saves a lot of time, which HR professionals can spend on more cognitively demanding tasks. This, however, doesn’t mean that analyzing employee data is entirely left to technology. It still requires human judgment. HR technology has come far. However, it still


Recruitment is the primary responsibility of the human resources department. And everyone is well aware that recruiting is a long and time–consuming process. From sourcing candidates to onboarding, recruitment requires a lot of time. Now however AI (artificial intelligence) has reduced the task significantly. Recruiters can screen candidates based on their resume, instead of having to look through each resume.

AI tools can further assess candidates based on their skills and describe their personality and check their culture fit within the organization. Now recruiters’ decision–making ability is required at the end of the process. ATS (Applicant tracking systems), which are primary examples of HR tech, are used by recruiters to post jobs, track applicants, administer assessment tests, schedule interviews, and even predict the chance of a candidate accepting the offer.

Increased efficiency

Technology gives you two more hands. It is debated that technology is making us dull, but it cannot be denied that tools and software increase efficiency. The adoption of HR tech across the industry is proof that HR leaders are investing in technology.

HR professionals who earlier spent most of their time in administration now can focus on more important tasks, leading to the growth of the organization. HR professionals no longer have to shuffle through stacks of paper. New tools have made the work of HR professionals even easier. HR tech has given human resources professionals a chance to be more organized. This has a positive impact on employee morale.


Technology undoubtedly has a huge influence on human resources. It is making professionals more productive and efficient. As the industry progresses, human resources will see more integration of technology in its various functions, increasing the efficiency, and productivity of the entire function.

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