How to Do Test Automation in Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can boost the productivity of an enterprise by supporting its critical processes, however, it is crucial to make sure the software is working properly, especially after one of its frequent updates. Thus, regression testing is a crucial part of the ERP system integrity maintenance, while automation increases its efficiency.

Get the Right Tool for Automated Testing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 testing can be automated with one of the tools available on the market. The choice of products dedicated to test automation is constantly growing, albeit the level of automation can vary greatly.

Some of the popular options, for example, Selenium, are acting more like libraries and require a professional setup of the environment in order to automate testing. Testing with such tools also needs technical knowledge and expertise.

There is more user-friendly testing software available on the market, and one of such products has been developed specifically for Microsoft Dynamics 365 by Microsoft itself. This software is known as RSAT (Regression Suite Automation Tool) and it reduces the amount of work required from professional testers. Yet, its low-code functionality is limited and cannot cover a significant part of testing needs.

Finally, there are also testing tools based on the no-code approach, for example, Executive Automats. Their aim is to provide companies with maximum support and flexibility without a need to rely on testing experts.

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Set Testing Schedule for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Your testing routine will depend a lot on the level of automation provided by your testing tool. Generally, there is never too much regression testing, especially when it comes to Microsoft Dynamics 365 with its constant updates.

Tools with the highest level of automation will let you perform as many tests as frequently as you find necessary without generating additional costs. Semi-automated testing suits will require some prioritization in order to minimize the overall expenses. In their case, you might find it useful to conduct an impact analysis to understand the most vulnerable parts of your system that urgently need testing. Starting with these areas, you can move on to less critical system regions.

Regardless of the scope of testing, it is highly recommended to execute it at least before going live after major ERP system modifications.

Keep Business in Mind

While testing seems to be a purely technical process, it is very useful to adopt a business-oriented strategy and look at your Microsoft Dynamics 365 system from the user’s perspective. Such an approach helps to choose more realistic test scenarios and leverage your testing procedures even more.

Remembering the importance of positive user experience, create test simulations of different conditions of system usage, making sure the software performance is accurate whether it is run during a regular day or peak hours.

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