Hi88 Reveals 5 Most Effective online fish shooting tips 2024

Tips for shooting fish online will be effective if the player knows how to flexibly combine them in real combat. It seems so simple, but you still need to learn and practice regularly. Trang chủ Hi88 will reveal the most accurate playing tips for all fishermen when participating in fish hunting for rewards.

Overview of the  Hi88 fish shooting game category

Shoot Fish Hi88 It is a stopping point for millions of fishermen in recent years. The house has more than 140 fish hunting games, considered a reward paradise in Asia. The platform’s fish shooting games always offer extremely attractive prize opportunities because there are many valuable creatures.

Typical examples are Dragon God, Octopus, Thiem Thu, Mermaid,… Even small fish can bring high rewards if you kill a large number. To make money effectively from these games, the online fish shooting tips very necessary.

In addition to carefully learning the rules of the game, you need to flexibly apply different strategies. Taking advantage of weapons and features is also highly effective if used at the right time. Many professional fish hunters have successfully become rich after mastering excellent secrets.

Revealing 5 great tips for shooting fish online

Great prize hunting opportunities are waiting for you at the bookmaker’s fish shooting hall Hi88. If you really want to get rich from these games, fishermen should clearly understand the tricks below.

Fish Head – Focuses on a creature’s weaknesses

The head is considered the weak point of each creature, so aiming accurately will increase damage. This is online fish shooting tips Many experts have told each other about position selection.

If you apply it, you will find it much more effective than randomly shooting at the fish’s body or tail. However, this trick also requires fishermen to have the skills to adjust shooting angles accurately. If you are a professional shooter and take advantage of the target lock feature, you will have many advantages when participating in this game.

Release bullets into small schools of fish

According to online fish shooting tips Hey, you should fire as soon as you encounter small schools of fish of 10 or more. The experience of long-time players shows that the ability to shoot at a whole school of fish has an extremely high probability of hitting, whether you aim correctly or not.

The fish are small in size depending on the number of coins, but when accumulated by destroying the whole school, you will still receive an extremely valuable bonus. Bullets will not be wasted when used in this tactic, because most of them will hit the targets.

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Attack newly appearing sea creatures

In the hunting space of each game, many different creatures will appear. They left the table randomly, completely unexpectedly and without any warning signs. To be able to win, first of all, participants must have flexibility and cover the entire playing room to take the initiative.

As soon as new targets appear, you should attack to gain an advantage. Because the moment they first leave the table is also when they are at their weakest, they can shoot one shot and win immediately. But online fish shooting tips Can only be applied to medium and small creatures.

Save bullets – Extremely important  online fish shooting tips

Each bullet you use to attack targets requires coins or money to buy. Therefore, every time you shoot, you need to pay special attention to using it for the right purpose and most effectively.

For small targets, we should use the cheapest bullets. If attacking big bosses, invest heavily in high-priced bullets to gain an advantage. Current versions of fish shooting games are equipped with many different types of weapons.

Therefore, choosing the right gun and bullets when shooting is also very important if you do not want to waste resources. In case you have released a lot of protein towards your goal but still cannot, you should not continue. Learn from experience and use high-damage weapons if you encounter them again next time.

Adjust shooting speed –  online fish shooting tips to help save bullets

The rate of fire will affect the amount of bullets the player has to spend, so it is necessary to adjust quickly or slowly depending on the time. For example, for creatures that travel in groups, you should shoot quickly and continuously with small bullets. In case the fish are alone, just a few slow shots can kill them easily.


Above are these online fish shooting tips Very cool that  Hi88 wants to share with players. Please visit our prize-winning fish hunting game lobby to apply and gain experience. Wishing fishermen the best of luck defeating bosses and hunting rewards easily at  Hi88.

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