Hemp Bombs CBD Products

Hemp bombs provide various CBD related products of high quality that are sure to make you come back for more. Each product is an amazing mix of ingredients that are lab-tested and premium quality.

Some of the most popular products of Hemp Bombs are CBD Gummies with the 50-count bottle, the 30mg High Potency Gummies and the 400mg Pain Rub for pain relief. These, including many others, are at a 5-star rating from their customers, with the customers being completely satisfied with the quality of the products.

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CBD Product Shopping:

At the online Hemp Bombs store, you can buy any type of CBD product that will be available to you in in a standard shipping of $50+ or you can use a 2-Day Free shipping option as well. Various save offers can allow you to save over 35% in your purchases as well.

Categories of CBD Products:

CBD products come in many amazing types. There are 6 major categories of CDB products available on Hemp Bombs, which are award winning gummies. These categories are namely:

  1. CBD Gummies
  2. CBD Oil
  3. CBD Capsules
  4. CBD Pain Freeze
  5. CBD Edibles
  6. CBD for Pets

Each of these categories is high in demand and has wonderful benefits. Let us discuss each of these categories in detail as to what products are available in them.

CBD Gummies:

CBD Gummies provide 5 different categories of gummy bears, each with a specific purpose, that are being provided by Hemp Bombs which are all mouth-watering and premium quality products. These categories are:

  1. Original Gummies
  2. High-Potency Gummies
  3. Sleep Gummies
  4. Immunity Gummies
  5. Botanical Gummies

CBD Oil:

CBD Oils can be an amazing addition to your mourning routines which come in 6 different flavors. Each of these oils is well-made and they are available in 6 different concentrations. The flavors for CBD Oils include the delicious Acai Berry, flavorsome Chocolate Mint, Orange Creamsicle, mouth-watering Peppermint, tasty Watermelon and Natural Hemp.

CBD Capsules:

Capsules serve the purpose of defining serving sizes. These pills are in measured quantities and are easier to digest. These are available in 3 major categories:

  1. Original Capsules
  2. High Potency Capsules
  3. Sleep Capsules

CBD Pain Freeze:

Pain freeze is a product exclusively designed to recover from muscle pains and joint problems. These can be combined with cold therapy rubs and can result in a long-lasting relief. These pain freeze products can also provide healing benefits and relax irritated skin.

There are several Different types of products available which include Pain Relief rubs and roll-ons.

CBD Edibles:

CBD Gummies, CBD Lollipops, CBD Capsules and Max Chill CBD shots are included in the edibles category which are delightful ways to have your daily CBD intake. The edible category has outstanding reviews, and the customers are more drawn to them in general. The effects of the edibles can be seen from 30 minutes to a time duration of an hour depending on the person’s body composition.

CBD for Pets:

Not only does Hemp Bombs cater for the needs of its human audiences, but it makes sure that your fur babies are not left out. Be it your dog or your cat, Hemp Bombs has got you covered. These carefully made premium products are dedicated to your pets and their high standards ensure that your furry friends are getting comfort and better health. There are not only Dog chews available but CBD Oils for pets is another option that should be tried out. CBD Pet products are completely legal to buy and sell and are also ensured to be safe for them.

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