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Genshin Impact: Best Late-Game Team Comps

Genshin Impact shows no signs of slowing down, managing to capture the attention of both MMORPG and action-game fans alike. Ever since 2019, this free-to-play title has been a constant occupation for almost 90 million recurring players. However, that success doesn’t rest solely on Genshin Impact’s Zelda-like aesthetics.

Besides looking pretty and offering a whimsical storyline, the gameplay in Genshin Impact comprises a lot of moving parts. There are more than 70 characters to pick from, and the player can freely swap between the chosen team of four when in action.

In this piece, U7BUY will present the best Genshin Impact team composition for tackling the game’s most difficult areas. Let’s begin! 

Team “Morgana”

Keeping your allies constantly slowed down or stunned is a sure-shot way to grab that victory with minimal risks. Thanks to the vast choice of characters with complementary skills, Genshin Impact caters to the “extreme crowd-control” playstyle. Team “Morgana” is the most used team comp for those wanting to keep things frozen or half-frozen, 24/7.

There are actually several ways to build such a team comp nowadays, but generally, you’ll have to unlock these characters for the “Morgana” effect: Mona, Venti, Ganyu and Diona.

Then, leave it to Mona to prepare the enemy’s bed with her Element Burst skill, applying Hydro and severely lowering their defenses. Next, Venti casts Anemo Swirl to rile them up together nicely. That’s the cue for Ganyu and Diona to lay out the big Cryo damage numbers!

The “National” Team

Those looking to enjoy Genshin Impact to its fullest without spending a dime can do so thanks to this 4-stars-characters-only team that wrecks nonetheless. To put it together, you’ll need these characters: Bennett, Chongyun, Xiangling and Xingqiu.

Even if those guys are relatively easy to come by, they make a surprisingly well-rounded team, more than viable for braving end-game content. The “National” team’s efficiency lies in the interplay between the Vaporize and Metl skills, aided by the Fervent Flames result, courtesy of Bennett and Xiangling.

However, this team comp is not the best when it comes to battling flying units, meaning it’s good to have a contingency plan for such situations.

The “Xiao Geo” Team

Also known as “Double Geo”, this popular strategy combines offense and defense for impressive results. Xiao’s reliance on Plunge Attacks makes him a bit tricky to pair with another damage dealer, but there is a way to ensure no one steps on another team member’s toes.

Combining Xiao, Jean, Zhongli and Albedo is a balanced setup where the two Geo users (Xiao and Albedo) synergize with themselves. Next, Zhongly takes the front lines, while Jean is in charge of keeping everyone patched up.

Geo Resonance is a reliable late-game effect, especially after Jean strips foes of their Anemo resistance. That frees up a lot of room for Xiao and Albedo to do what they do best, even in a situation when they won’t fully realize elemental reactions.

The bad news here is that “Xiao Geo” is a bit on the expensive side to get however, You can buy Genshin Welkin on U7BUY at cheap rates to get  “Xiao Geo”

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