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A place dedicated to those who have a passion for “beautiful” majestic fighting cocks, where countless top and eye-catching matches gather, none other than the category Game chicken NEW88. This is one of the most popular online betting playgrounds on the bookmaker platform NEW88. For more interesting information about this category, please refer to our article below!

Overview of the Bookmaker’s Cockfighting Catalog NEW88

Game chicken New88today Inspired by the traditional cockfighting game, it is almost “familiar” to all Vietnamese people in particular and the Asian community in general. Using that mechanism, the game hall has developed this type with an online version that is operated in parallel with many other types of casinos. The presence of the cockfighting game in the bookmaker system has helped “bettors” satisfy their burning desire and passion.

Some popular forms of cockfighting betting include:

  • Bet on winning cock
  • Bet according to the 789 Win house handicap specified
  • Bet on other factors, such as appearance, speed, weight,…

Comparison Between Cockfighting NEW88 And Traditional Cockfighting

It can be said that the type of online cockfighting of dealer NEW88 is an important step forward to help this entertainment game be developed and expanded. Some advantages of Cockfighting NEW88 Compared to traditional forms such as:

Flexible Convenience:

Instead of having to travel to cockfighting venues, you can absolutely participate in the game at home, at any time. Because just connect internet and an account NEW88, bettors can comfortably place bets regardless of space and time. Thanks to that, gamers can participate in as many matches as they want without having to consider other related issues.

High Safety:

Cockfighting betting is currently strictly controlled by Vietnamese law. Therefore, to ensure safety, you should play at the reward betting address NEW88. Because this website is recognized and protected by international organizations with legal documents and certificates.

Therefore, when you participate in cockfighting here, you will not need to be afraid of getting involved in sensitive legal issues.

Diversity of Odds:

With an extremely large scale and catalog Game chicken NEW88 There are countless matches being streamed live. At the same time, the bets are also continuously “upgraded” to help you freely choose and satisfy the betting needs of players. This richness partly helps gamers feel comfortable and thereby make more informed betting decisions.

High Bonus Rate:

One of the advantages of the genre Game chicken NEW88 The payout ratio is quite high. With its huge economic potential, the homepage has not hesitated to set a higher payout rate than the market average. This partly creates motivation to help you actively participate in the house lobby more.

How to Participate in Cockfighting Betting on the Website NEW88

To be able to play cockfighting at home page NEW88 Then you should follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Access game portal 789Win and proceed to log in. If you do not have a member account, you can click on register and create a new account
  • Step 2: Choose one of the deposit methods NEW88 to transfer money into the game.
  • Step 3: In the lobby, select the “cockfighting” category and proceed to watch or place a bet.

After the live screen ends, the winning results will be shown on the screen and at this point you can compare the bet with your chosen bet to know if you won or not. Another special point is that as soon as the results are announced, the house will immediately transfer the prize money to the winner, regardless of whether you know it or not.

Experience in Cockfighting Betting

Cockfighting is not an ordinary game, because it does not simply depend on luck. Instead, people participating in this type of betting should focus on the following issues:

  • Before betting, go to the fighting history of the cocks to understand their current performance.
  • Observe the chicken, chicken spurs, and chicken feet. These are three important factors that experts often use to judge the strength of a fighting cock.
  • Pay attention to how the chicken moves. Flexibility and clever movements partly demonstrate a cock’s ability to win in the first game.
  • Be patient and choose your odds carefully. Because in the Cockfighting hall NEW88 There are countless matches with many different betting odds. Therefore, instead of hastily choosing randomly, you should consider and consider carefully to avoid “silly” losses.


Through this article we have provided some information related to the game lobby Game chicken NEW88. Now are you ready to come to this epic online cockfighting playground? Let’s fight with all our might, guys!

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